A beautiful, strong torso with elegant posture and protection from back pain, all while enhancing your metabolic rate and a big return on your exercise time investment?

Yes, it’s possible with this outstanding exercise in your fitness arsenal.

But before we go another step, it bears repeating:

Play safe with weights! (Please!)

Correct posture, alignment, muscle activation AND exercise execution are cornerstones of a successful weight training – or any resistance training, for that matter – workout.

The reason? Avoid the “ow!” factor: it is easy to set up challenging free weight exercises so that you:

1) protect your back
2) strengthen and protect your joints
3) maximize your returns in muscle (and bone) building as well as body shaping! Health AND weight loss or weight management are enhanced.

In this video, I show you in just 3 minutes how to accomplish this while using one of the foremost, primo back exercises of all time (I do these a couple of times every week!): the one-arm dumbbell row.

One Arm Dumbbell Row

This exercise focuses on the latissimus dorsi (see image left) muscles in the back.

Yet by aligning your body correctly and providing stability via my 7 Seconds To A Flat Belly move and dynamic tension of the entire body, you build a stronger core and work the entire body in concert!

I hope you enjoy this short video – if you have any questions, I invite you to post then in “comments” below.

Here’s to being strong, energetic, and shapely!


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