Boot Camp Mind: Top 10 Motivational Tools for Health, Weight Loss, & Fitness Success with Lani Muelrath, M.A.

Who Else Wants To Learn Mindset Secrets That Awakened A Woman From  30 Years of Weight Loss Frustration & Motivation Inertia To Finally Lose 50 lbs & Keep Them Off For The Next 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Years?

Habits, temptation & stress may be hijacking your self-control. But I believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently.  These simple tools will move you from self-sabotage to one health, weight loss, & fitness win after another.
Boot Camp Mind sampler (1:49)

Let’s be honest.  You may have the best flippin’ food plan in the West.  And you may know exactly what to do each day to get – and stay – in shape.

But if you don’t know the keys to wrapping your head around getting healthy, losing weight, and getting fit, well, odds are you’ll never get the job done.


So what’s the problem?   Are you doing it?  Or instead, are you:

   struggling with your diet plan?

   having trouble getting (and staying) motivated to exercise

   finding your heart’s just not in ‘the plan’ and feeling like it’s 5 steps ahead, 3 (or 6) steps back?

Do any of these comments sound like you (pulled from my recent reader surveys):

   “I need to get organized again…plan ahead…I have lost the grip on that!”

   “I need some tools to push me when I wanna give up! What worked for you?”

    “How do I get right back on when I get off track?”

   “My biggest challenge? Emotional eating. Especially in the late afternoon and evenings.  What can I do about it?”

    “How do I stay consistent with exercise?  Say “no” to sweets, especially chocolate?”

Guess what.  You’re not alone.

In that same survey that I sent out to the thousands on my newsletter list, guess what 70% of all responders said was at the top of their list for”pressing health, fitness, and body-shaping challenges”:


Motivation and Mindset

Enter Boot Camp Mind™.

Look, you don’t drop 50 lbs of excess weight and keep it off for over a decade like I have without a big helping of motivation and mindset. Thinking differently.

With Boot Camp Mind™, I’ve taken my Top 10 Motivational Tools for Health, Weight Loss & Fitness Success and created a 10 part course of study for you.  You can take the words “healthy”and “weight loss” and replace them with any or all words that connect most personally for you: weight loss, body confidence, the vitality of being fit – because when it comes to motivation and mindset for success, they are all on the same page.

What is ‘Boot Camp Mind’

First, the words make an instant connection, don’t they? We just get it –  what ‘Boot Camp Mind’ means.  It’s the voice of focus, compelling commitment, the ‘just do it’ you. The part of you that is connected with your better judgement, that is inspired to realize your greater potential.

Boot Camp Mind™ has been created with awakening and cultivating this voice.  If you believe that you’ve got what it takes if you could only just connect with it, and shift your thinking, then I made this for you.

Each week, you will receive a new awakening lesson and action plan. Each is based on my Top Ten Motivational Tools for Success. This will come to you via email.

Each Lesson will include these downloadable items:

  • That week’s Lesson Content in the form of a pdf Special Report.
  • Action Steps for each week’s Lesson.


In addition, you will receive each week’s Top 10 Motivational Tools for Success Lesson Audio recording in mp3 download format. I’m right there with you.So that you can take it with you to listen to in your car, on your ipod, on your walk – and get motivated over and over again.

Here is a description of each of the 10 Lessons in Boot Camp Mind™.  I call them Lessons with Awakenings and Tools

Awakening means insight, awareness, and realization.

Tools are the implements of action for change following awakening.

Together, you have action steps for change.

“Worked on my first lesson in Lani’s Boot Camp Mind today. The questions and answers blew me away…it’s really right to the heart of the matter…opening to answers…fears…truths….thanks to Lani for sharing her journey and insights…they are really helpful!” ~ Ty Bennington

Week #1: Cultivate Your Vision & Act As If

  • The real secret to starting change.
  • The importance of attitude and imagination
  • The 2 big questions you need to honestly ask yourself before you can have lasting success with your goals.
  • The 3 key points that must be seriously addressed or you needn’t bother taking your time trying to lose weight, change your health, or improve your shape.

Also included:  Boot Camp Mind Quick Start Guide & How To Get The Most Out of Boot Camp Mind

Week #2 :  Avoid the Hunger Trap

Look, I don’t have to tell you that there is no way you can white-knuckle your way to a healthy weight. It rubs against the grain of your survival instinct. Avoiding the hunger trap is the first big leap I took toward ending this fat-and-hungry-at-the-same-time madness. I believe by making friends with our hunger it works on our behalf.  I told you, I think differently, and it has made all the difference.

  • The connection between hunger and hormones
  • The 2 basic things you can do to effectively manage your hunger
  • The foods that best support your weight loss goals and make it easier to keep your weight in check.

Week #3:  Believe in Yourself

Growing your sense of accomplishment is pivotal to your confidence. Learn how you can easily do specific, simple tasks to get that sense of accomplishment – and motivation – going and growing.

  • What really builds self-esteem?
  • How to use the momentum of carry-over motivation
  • 6 simple ways to build a sense of accomplishment.

Week #4:  Change Your Mind, Change Your Body…Change Your Life

We don’t know what we don’t know about our fears, thoughts, feelings and self-sabotaging beliefs.

  • The one big set of habits you have that you may know nothing about.
  • The pattern that is cutting your belief in yourself off at the knees.
  • 25 unconscious ways you may be sabotaging your behaviors without even knowing it.
  • The anti-dote to negative thought spiral patterns.

Week #5:  Get Support


  • How we make excuses for perpetuating non-productive behaviors
  • How dragging my heels to get support kept me fat for an extra 10 years
  • Why we may be afraid to ask for support

Week #6:  Cultivate Incentives Momentum

  • How keeping mindful of these can keep you focused
  • Why deadlines can help you make better choices with your eating and exercise
  • What about vanity?

Week #7:  Set Priorities & Make Plans

  • The intricate connection between priorities and plans with self-respect.
  • What you absolutely must keep in front of you that will keep pulling you forward.
  • The balance that your success depends upon.

Week #8:  Take Your Time.  Get A Life.

  • Why the ‘long view’ is actually the fastest path to success
  • How “quick fix” thinking keeps your goals out of reach
  • The power and peace of breaking our addiction to quick fix thinking.

Week #9: Give Up Looking for Loopholes

  • How to identify fitness and fat loss ‘loopholes’
  • How ‘loopholes’ may be keeping you from reaching your goals
  • How ‘get away with it’ mentality  will  keep you from success and keep you in chaos, derailing your attempts to build a happy, healthy relationship with food, eating, and your body.

Week #10:  Leave Past Failures in the Past – where they belong – and Build Your Successful Future Today

  • Motivation and fitness:  What the research says
  • How to break out of the motivational catch-22 loop
  • Where to go from here.

Honestly, don’t you feel  more motivated already?

Boot Camp Mind:  Top 10 Motivational Tools

Boot Camp Mind™ lessons are not lengthy, technical, don’t-have-time-for-it lessons.  They are designed to be direct and to the point so that you can focus a little on the why, experience insights and awakenings – those ‘aha’ moments –  and  implement the ACTION steps that I will give you after each lesson.

YES Lani, please send me

Boot Camp Mind™:

Top 10 Motivational Tools for Health, Weight Loss,
& Fitness Success

I understand I will receive:

  • 10 Boot Camp Mind Weekly Lessons including awakening insights, motivational tools, and action steps for implementation.  I will receive one lesson each week for 10 weeks.
  • All 10 Boot Camp Mind Weekly Lessons in downloadable pdf

  • Bonus Gift #1:  All 10 Boot Camp Mind Weekly Lessons in downloadable audio mp3 format
  • Bonus Gift #2:  Special Report “Six Steps To Successful Goal Setting” by Lani Muelrath Pragmatic, step-by-step process to move you forward toward your health, fitness – and life- goals.
  • Bonus Gift #3:  Special Report:  Goals Setting:  The SMART System



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