How to prepare for a Private Consultation with Lani Muelrath

How to prepare for a Private Consultation

Hi, and congratulations on making a major step to change in your health, fitness, body shaping, energy, and happiness. There is nothing like being trim, fit, and energetic – and to become same without hunger or exercising like a maniac!

To make the best use of your time, think about what you want to bring away from the meeting.

  • What are the challenges you would like help with?  Is it information, strategies?  Diet?  Exercise and activity?  Special needs? Be as specific as possible.  And if you don’t know, and that is part of the problem, don’t worry, I can help you with that, too.
  • Review your diet and exercise history so that if I ask about them during the call, you’ll have easier recall.
  • What are your goals?  Lose weight, shape your body, have more energy?
  • If your food plan is part of the concern, please keep a food diary for 3 days for easy reference.  Note time, approximate quantity, and what you ate.
  • What are your intentions?   Do you intend to approach your challenges with an open mind and heart?  Are you willing to take a look at what your hidden obstacles might be?  I call these the “under the surface” drivers.
  • What gets in your way, to the best of your knowledge?  I can help you with this one, too.


These calls are always enormously helpful and coming to our meeting with some structure will help.  You do not need to send me anything in advance, this is just for you to best prepare.

At the beginning of our session,  I will ask you to describe what you would like to come away from our time together with.  Sometimes things end up taking on a flow of their own!  Yet as with any meeting, a plan and agenda can help us together focus on best meeting your needs.

Investment in advance of our meeting is standard practice.   Be sure to book your appointment with Lani, if you haven’t already, by clicking HERE and filling out the Contact Lani form.


60 Minute  Consultation with Lani:  $200, click here:



25 Minute Consultation with Lani:  $100, click here:



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