One-on-One Private Coaching with Lani

When You Work With Me

This is your chance to personally work with not just a “coach” but a  true healthy living mentor.

When we work together, you get to work with an advisor who’s been through it all.

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out or looking for coaching and support to overcome self-sabotage.

Maybe you just need a tune-up. Or a good kick in the hmmhmm.

And if you are already on the plant-based journey but got stuck along the way, we’ll find out what went wrong and the underlying obstacles so that you can flow more freely toward your goals.

Three Levels of Coaching and Mentoring

I offer many levels of coaching and consulting to meet you wherever you are.

We will get you unstuck  and out of frustration.

Out of the weight gain spiral, the wrong direction rut and into a new energetic groove with weight loss, energy levels, health, and body-shaping.

Though years ago somewhat compulsive at tracking every calorie and macronutrient gram on my plate, my weight still went up and down like a toilet seat (as my mother-in-law so delicately put it).

Now, my eating patterns have become so easily successful at keeping it fun and keeping me healthy, well fed, and trim – for years – that I no longer write it all down.

It’s one of the joys and freedoms of the plant-based living.

Research based

Research shows that a plant-based diet makes getting healthier and losing weight easier when compared to other food plans.

With the Plant-Based Journey lifestyle, you discover how to follow hunger and fullness signals without the problems presented by a highly processed, omnivorous diet.

Coaching and Mentoring Options

If you’re looking for more clarity and success on your dietary plan, workouts, or mindset about it all, here are some places for you to start:

To find out more about my Fast Start Programclick here.

For Private Consultation Multi-Session Packages, click here.

For a Laser-Coaching Strategy Sessionclick here.


Not sure of the best choice for you?

Send me a message via the Contact form and we’ll set up a time to talk about it.

“This lifestyle has continued to transform my life”

It has been two years since my plant based journey with Lani began in earnest with her Fast Start Program.

Now down 90 pounds from my highest weight and 10 pant sizes,  I can not imagine eating – or living – any other way.

Debby Knight Jones, MI

Lani Muelrath is the most competent coach of anybody that I know
in the plant-based community.

She has the best combination of a structured approach with a clear progression and a deep understanding of what holds people back. And she’s research based.

Howard Jacobson, PhD. Co-Author
Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

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