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The Plant-Based Journey:

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In The Plant-Based Journey, you were invited to navigate to the Resources page for books, trusted online resources, more recipes and other support for your plant-based  journey.

This is that page! As this is a living resource, content will be added on an ongoing basis – you are invited to visit this page for updates.


Resource Console

The basic shopping list from The Plant-Based Journey

This shopping list, based on the contents of my own refrigerator and pantry, will get you started stocking your own plant-based kitchen. It is not necessary to rush out and procure everything on this list, by any means! Let your plant food arsenal grow right along with plantifying foods you are already familiar with and the templates and recipes you start to make.  from The Plant-Based Journey

Download the pdf of the Shopping List from The Plant-Based Journey 

Plant-Based Health and Nutrition Books

  • The Plant-Based Journey
  • Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition, T. Colin Campbell and Howard Jacobson, BenBella, 2013
  • The China Study, T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell II, BenBella Books, 2006
  • Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., Avery Trade, 2008
  • The Blue Zones
  • Becoming Vegan
  • The Starch Solution, John McDougall, Rodale, 2013
  • The Pleasure Trap
  • Breaking the Food Seduction
  • The End of Overeating
  • Food Choice and Sustainability
  • The Food Revolution, John Robbins, Conari Press, 2010
  • Healthy Eating Healthy World, J.Morris Hicks, Benbella, 2011
  • Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows
  • Forks Over Knives, edited by Gene Stone , The Experiment, 2011
  • Skinny Bitch
  • Power Foods for the Brain
  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition
  • Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program for Reversing Diabetes, Neal Barnard, M.D., Rodale Books, 2008
  • The Low-Carb Fraud, by T. Colin Campbell with Howard Jacobson, BenBella, 2014
  • The Vegiterranean Diet, Julieanna Hever, 2014
  • The Empty Medicine Cabinet, Dustin Rudolph PharmD., Pursue A Healthy You, LLC, 2014
  • 21-Day Weight Loss Kickstart, Neal Barnard, MD, Grand Central Life and Style, 2013
  • Fit Quickies: Five Minute Targeted Body-Shaping Workouts, Lani Muelrath, Penguin/Alpha 2013
  • Building Bone Vitality, Amy Lanou and Michael Castleman, McGraw-Hill, 2009
  • Breaking the Food Seduction, by Neal D. Barnard and Joanne Stepaniak, St. Martin’s Griffin, 2004
  • Salt, Sugar, Fat, by Michael Moss, Random House, 2014
  • The End of Overeating, David A. Kessler, Rodale, 2009
  • The Pleasure Trap, Douglas J. Lisle and Alan Goldhamer, Book Publishing Company, 2006

    Environment and Beyond

  • Food Choice and Sustainability, Dr. Richard A. Oppenlander, Langdon Street Press, 2013
  • Mad Cowboy, Howard Lyman, Scribner, 2001
  • Diet for a New America, by John Robbins, HJ Kramer/New World Library, 2012
  • Eating Animals, by Jonathan Safran Foer, Back Bay Books, 2010
  • Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows, by Melanie Joy, Conari Press, 2011
  • Farm Sanctuary, Gene Baur, Touchstone, 2008
  • Veganomics, Nick Cooney

Plant-Based Cookbooks


Stuck Along the Way?

Rest assured that success is never found at the end of an unwinding path.  There are always twists and turns along the way.  And remember that it is the cracks in the wall that let the light in.  In Testimonials, become inspired by the experiences of others who have struggled and found success.

Here are some articles right here that may be just the thing to get you moving forward again:

These Key Articles are Perfect for Sharing Some Plant-Based Basics

If you’ve been on the journey for awhile, you are well aware that some questions and comments that seem to present themselves over and over again.  Such as “Where do you get your protein?” and “Where do you get your calcium?” and “I could never give up my comfort foods!”, and “Where do you get your protein?” (again).

As a matter of fact, you may start to feel like you need to be a dietitian, nutritionist, doctor, and gourmet chef all at once!  And being presented with these questions over and over again can seem annoying.

If so, then I suggest you shift your position to one of “happy to share”.  Some people will ask questions about your food plan in combative fashion.  While this can create instant discomfort on your part, realize that simply by making a different, healthier choice, some people feel uncomfortable and defensive about their own choices.  It really has nothing to do with you.  And these can be opportunities to share information and plant seeds.  As long as you remain somewhat detached from the outcomes, and share in the true spirit of sharing, you can have completely different outcomes.

While you don’t need to be the doctor or dietitian, it is good to be armed with a few basic facts about plant-based nutrition.  But beyond that, simply be prepared to share resources so that the truly curious can investigate for themselves.

Share these helpful articles to help inform others on the answers to the common questions.

Discover Simple Recipes

In addition to the recipe templates and easy food prep ideas in The Plant-Based Journey, you’ll find several of my favorite recipes right here on the blog along with:

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