“Lani has been and continues to be instrumental in my success.”

Wow! How did I let my weight get so out of control?

That is the first thing that comes to my mind when I look back at these pictures. It wasn’t that I did not know how to eat properly and exercise. In the past I had followed a plant based diet, and been very successful. I had even worked with Lani previously.

What had always been missing for me was in the “Mindset” category. I was never willing to put myself first on the list. My children, husband, job, anything and everything came before taking care of myself. The results, as you can see in the March 2013 picture is a woman who according to BMI standards was morbidly obese.

What you can’t see in the picture is that years of not showing the same consideration for me as I did for others was effecting more than my weight.

Suddenly my health was at serious risk. After consulting with several physicians I came to the conclusion that I was facing two basic options.

The first involved numerous doctor visits and multiple prescriptions. The second, I could engage in a complete lifestyle change.

There were no excuses, I selected option two.

Perhaps I could have made this dramatic change on my own, but this is my health and the rest of my life I was considering so I reached out to Lani for help. I knew that I needed someone I trusted and respected to help guide me and keep me accountable. I got on the wait list for her Fast Start program, joined the Healthy Happy and Fit Club and things moved rapidly forward for me from there.

Now – I am four pants sizes leaner and 30 pounds lighter.

In the early picture I weighed 184 pounds, and was squeezing into my plus size 18 pants. I began in May following a plant based diet, incorporating exercise into my daily life, and refocusing my mindset, all important parts of the Fast Start Program. This has resulted in the loss of 30+ pounds, and more than 4 pant sizes so far. The weight is continuing to drop off. I don’t have a “goal weight”. Part of my mindset change has been learning to listen to my body regarding true hunger.

Even more importantly I have “lost” the need for the prescriptions. I have more physical energy and zest for life than I have had in years. I am looking forward to living a very long and active life.

I am so happy that I didn’t let past defeats hold me back from starting anew.

In order to help others on their journey to better health I am starting a business Healthy and Vital Living. The first class “Healthy Eating Made Easy” will be held on October 20th, and will include interactive cooking demonstrations with plenty of time for tasting delicious plant based recipes. I will also be available for one on one health coaching sessions. Please come to my website, healthyandvitalliving.com and join me as I move forward to achieve the healthiest and most vital life for myself and others!

See Debby’s story  with photos here and watch for update (she’s now down 100 pounds) coming soon>>>

Debby Knight Jones, B.A.S.

Health Education Specialist

“A friend told me this week that I look better now that I did 10 years ago!”


My success and progress toward my goals since I started working with Lani’s coaching has been solid, steady, and very exciting. The consistency and accountability factor…has played such an important role.

The shifts have been nothing short of amazing!  I have now lost an entire size, dropped 6 lbs and over 10 inches (in key spots alone:  reduced 4 inches (yes!) in my waist alone, shaved 3 inches off my abs,  and tightened up 3 inches off my hips.

Feeling more comfortable in my clothes was a big initial goal – and I’m thrilled that those changes are really happening.

My energy is much more even. With the tools that Lani has coached me to put in place, my energy is far more even, constant, and reliable. And I love what Lani’s dietary guidelines has done for my hunger satisfaction.

A friend told me this week that I look better now than I did 10 years ago – more fit and toned. Yeah!  I can’t wait to see what the next weeks bring.

Thank you, Lani!

Val Durack

Urbana, Illinois

“Kudos to Lani for orchestrating such a great program!”


Lani, I’m not really surprised but have to say that your organization and thoughtfulness with this program are unparalleled. Everything is so organized! I feel fabulous! I was just thrilled this morning when looking in the mirror.

In these 2 weeks.. I have:

  • Lost 7 – 8 lbs.
  • Experienced significant firming and toning through the torso and lower lats, obliques and lower abs due largely to Fit Quickie #1, which surpasses my previous favorite abs exercise! We’re talking highly visible toning and tightening.
  • A renewed commitment to working out and some new ideas on how to introduce variety. I feel like I look good which is 95% of the battle to looking good!

It is like all of a sudden, people are noticing me. I keep getting compliments in a way that I’ve never experienced. I’ve learned that just minor changes in nutrition can lead to big results. Kudos to Lani for orchestrating such a great program!

Sherry R.

Houston, TX

“I Am Thrilled With The Results From This Program!”

Early on, Lani told me, “Change your mind, change your body, change your life” and that is exactly what has happened for me.

I am a rule follower, so I thought Lani would tell me eat “these foods”, stay away from other foods, and do these exercises. I thought that was all I really needed to know, what foods to eat and what exercises to do.

Well, I did eventually get to the point of knowing what I needed to eat and how I needed to workout, but there was a process that I needed to go through first. Before I began the program, I would eat healthy, but only for a few weeks, or I would work out really hard, but again, only for a few weeks. Now, I am consistently eating healthy, and when I do eat bread, or dessert, I know it is going to be fine.

Before this program, I would spend most days mentally beating myself up about my workouts or diet. Now, I am in control of my eating and workouts. I don’t obsess about food any more. I have lost about 5 pounds during the few weeks of this program. I have also lost an inch and a half from my waist. The two body parts I wanted to focus on during were my abs and arms. Well, with the weight loss , my abs are more defined and my arms are noticeably smaller.

I would recommend this program to anyone who has tried every diet or fitness program out there, but felt like there had to be a smarter, better way.

Now, I am armed with the tools necessary to continue this lifestyle. I learned that it’s not only okay to take care of myself, but it’s imperative that I do so, in order to be able to take care of others. Lani, Thank You so much for the new me!

April Gregory

“Lani is an amazing and talented personal coach and trainer”

Lani’s system of workout routines has revolutionized my approach and I now have an effective rotation of exercise – that I like! Plus, her sound nutrition and eating plan have helped me stop dieting – and start losing weight.

As a matter of fact, I’m down 23 inches in the last 3 months.

Her system is perfect for busy women serious about reshaping their body, revamping their food and exercise plans, changing their mindset, and looking for an excellent coach. The resources and forums and monthly calls are EXCELLENT and information-packed. Lani is extremely generous with her experience and expertise, listens to what YOU want, and then helps make that happen.

As a busy woman and business owner, I highly recommend Lani as an amazing and talented personal coach and trainer extraordinaire.

Pat McKenzie

Partner, AQSIM, New Jersey

“Lani’s brilliant system has deeply impacted my confidence!”


Lani has moved me rapidly from overwhelm to ACTION.  Her no-nonsense approach pulled me out of my negative thoughts with a system that got me unstuck with my exercise and eating.

Her brilliant system has resulted in not only a better body, but have deeply impacted my confidence and belief in myself and made me better at taking action in other areas of my life. My energy has JUMPED so that I can accomplish more, and cravings are way down.

Thanks Lani for making it all simple, doable, and effective.  You’ve made it possible for me to prioritize my health and energy!  I now have a sense of hopefulness, a feeling that more is possible, and that I can create the kind of changes I want to see in my life.

Jennifer Dove

Entrepeneur, Writer/Dancer/Teacher

“I feel like I have been set free…”

I hated the way I ate and felt and to top it off it made no difference to my tummy, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it was living hell I can tell you. Not until I found your story Lani, and it was all by accident but what a saviour it was. I read your story and it was so me and I knew then if you could manage to do it I  would give it a try and the rest you know is history.

No more worrying about just eating veggies and no carbs, the feelings sometimes are still there of course but with my scrap book and you  and science I know I am on the right path, and so do my patients. It is a wonderful breakthrough that has been found and now I can and so can my patients live guilt free from our food choices.

I feel like i have been set free if that makes senses and i could not imagine going through life like I was before, having to weigh and measure every darn thing that I ate.  So Lani you can see the mass of destruction I have been living and that is why I am so grateful for your support and encouraging comments as well as the scientific back up behind it all.

I will always be forever grateful to you.

Anna Cook


“Lani is always accessible to help me through any issue.
She has motivated me to succeed in this area of my life.”

When I called Lani and asked if she had room for me in her Fast Start program, the first thing she asked me was what I wanted.  Without hesitation, I said “I want to pull myself out of this hole.”

I was so frustrated with being able to “eat perfectly” for two days and then something would happen and I’d stress binge. This was  affecting my life, energy levels, and relationships. I was ready for something different.

My goals were to lose 20 lbs,  look and feel better in my clothes, improve my energy levels, like myself better and be able to be more light-hearted, have better sleep, become happier by stopping being unhappy with myself, decrease stress levels, and become solidly footed in plant-based for life.

After the first month, Lani asked me to write a self-reflection of my progress so far. Lani told me that this is always very helpful and enlightening, providing good feedback for the student as well as the coach. Here is my month report:

“It’s been was a long process for me to finally find Lani. With a family history of diabetes, I had been told that I was borderline and I did not want to end up with the disease. I began reading about various ‘plans’ and stumbled upon eating plant-based food. Long story short, I have been plant-based for 2 years .

The issue was that I couldn’t put it all together – I would exercise like crazy and eat plant-based food. With the eating, I would last for three days then crash. Something definitely did not sink in. I began reading again and I found Lani through her website. Reading about her Fast Start Program, it sounded perfect for me. The opportunity of having one-on-one sessions with a coach would be awesome. I ordered her book, joined Health Happy and Fit, and emailed her, thinking that I would get an email back indicating that there was a waiting list. However, I had the good luck to hit it right! She answered back almost immediately, luckily my wait was not too long, and Lani scheduled a preliminary conversation so we could talk to see if we were a good match.

Through Lani’s “Three Pillars of Success”, I have been able to meet day- to- day challenges by understanding and working through the Pillars toward my long term goal of getting and staying healthy. It has become a non-negotiable process for me. Through our weekly conversations, Lani has helped me to understand how and why I could set myself up for success. The Exercise pillar is one that I have practiced for many years. I have always kept moving with some sort of exercise 7 days a week. Yet I couldn’t understand why I struggled with my weight continually. I obsessed about my weight and food.

Obviously, the Diet pillar was monumental for me. During our initial call, Lani helped me understand that diet is not only what you eat but more importantly it is getting enough to eat when you are hungry. It was important for me to get in touch with my hunger signals and to also know when to quit eating…not an easy task for me. I would portion control my meals from breakfast on and by mid-afternoon, I would begin the hunger cycle. Tied in with this was stress eating. By the time I got home from work, I was so hungry that I would eat dinner and continue on until bedtime.

In her book, Lani explains what she calls the ‘rules of satiety’ helps control the bingeing and stress eating. This was hard for me because this basically doubled the amount of my breakfast. I trusted Lani on this one – learning to break old habits. It’s most definitely the right thing to do. Along with activity, I use a short breathing exercise to work through my stress. I am also a person who wakes up a lot at night. The breathing exercise has also helped me to sleep better.

Finally, there is the pillar of Mindset. This is critical because in order to be successful, I have learned that I have to look ahead to success rather than focusing on how I failed in my process in the past. I now have a Vision Statement on which to focus. By easily maintaining my health through healthy eating choices, I now have a positive outlook that helps me to release positive energy for many other areas of my life. I have more confidence to do different things. For example, I love gardening and haven’t done much of it in several years. This is now an activity that I enjoy once again. Bottom line to my story so far is that in the first month alone, I lost 7 pounds. Lani is always accessible to help me through any issue. She has motivated me to succeed in this area of my life.

Three months after I began working with Lani, I am down almost 15 pounds and am letting my body decide where my weight will land. I now have the confidence in what I am doing with my body to stay healthy and land at that good body weight. My other attempts at weight loss were always successful….for a time. Of course, I was always starving so it was pretty easy for me to take a ‘sample’ of a not-so-healthy food item..and unfortunately keep going.

This time is so different for me. Changing my mindset about changing my body has probably been the single most important step I have taken. I never walked down that path in the past so it was easy to think that I could always loose a few extra pounds if I wanted to. I could not have gotten here without Lani’s coaching. To have the wisdom of someone who has truly taken the same steps to get to healthy is priceless!

See Janice’s story with photos here and watch for update coming soon>>>

Janice Bird


“Lani’s  coaching program has delivered outstanding results

that I have never been able to achieve before”


I have finally been able to experience changes in my body that I have been trying to make for a long time.

It has been at least 7 years that I have been stuck, and in spite of all the diet and exercise knowledge I have studied, none of it was working.  I was so confused and ready to give up. Since starting the coaching program with Lani, however, I am down over 5 lbs and 8 inches – 2.5 in my waist alone. I am extremely thrilled that I now have the tools to deliver this extraordinary progress and continue forward.

Previously, I would get to a place where I would start having progress with my fitness and then I would “fall off the wagon” – my progress would stall, I wouldn’t get any further, and then I’d just lose ground. This was very discouraging.

I came to this course wanting to learn why I kept running into the wall – and how to get through it. Though I was still afraid of failing again, I’d look at Lani’s photos from her 10 year history, and think “that looks like me…and to see her now, WOW – I want that!” It’s not just the inch loss, it’s the vitality and energy that come through. I wanted to be confident in myself again, to fit into my clothes comfortably, and not worry about any camera pointing at me. I gave it a chance and will never look back at my old ways.
The specific tools, progression, and coaching Lani provided made the difference. It has given me the opportunity to finally move forward to achieving my dreams – and not only that, but experience peace and freedom along the way. This is priceless to me. I am looking at everything differently now. My body is visibly trimmer, and I have a whole new, healthy relationship with food and eating.

My energy is up. I look forward to each day as well as the challenges of the future, knowing I now have the tools and skills to realize my goals and dreams. It is amazing how this… is “seeping into” the rest of my life in so many positive ways. The behavior changes and mental mastery that I have learned are HUGE for me. I now know that if I can do this, I can do ANYTHING!
Now that I have Lani’s secrets to move me forward, I can continue to have success. I highly recommend Lani’s program for anyone seeking major shifts for lasting change, she is an amazing coach.
Vicki H.

Dublin, OH

“I have regained my health and well-being.”


Without Lani I could never have made the progress that I have over the last year, including an 18 lb weight loss in the last few months alone. I have regained the health and well being that I had before a very serious and debilitating injury. In addition, I have seen radical shifts in my physique that I had never been able to achieve before.

Looking back, I felt that I had hit a plateau. I had gotten tremendous benefits but knew there was still so much more to learn and to gain. It was then that I contacted Lani and began working out with her via webcam.  What a difference working with Lani has made! Without Lani I could never have made the progress that I have over the last year and be able to reach my goal of complete recovery.

This led to my very active and successful participation in Lani’s Woman’s Fitness BluePrint Program.  I highly recommend this program to anyone who is seriously desirous of creating new habits, more life balance, and a happier, more productive relationship with exercise and nutrition. Thanks, Lani!

Amy Johnson, M.D

Longmont, CO

“My Results Have Been Phenomenal!”


You see, I know a LOT about nutrition and exercise – I have the intellectual interest and knowledge for sure. But making the connection between knowing and doing and being able to follow through? Now THAT has been another matter.

I have experienced a powerful mindset shift. The activities as Lani has put them together have enabled me to overcome huge obstacles that created so many self-sabotaging behaviors for me in the past. I am now finally being able to follow through with planning and preparing for nutrition and eating. And I finally GET that I can’t exercise my way out of a bad diet! The fire of motivation has been lit.

Working through just one of these things is worth the cost alone. And the one-on-one coaching has been extremely valuable to me for being able to make these changes and move forward to even more success!


Donna J, CA

“For Me, the Most Important Part Was the Mindset Shift”

Before I started Lani’s program I had arrived at a point of utter fitness frustration. I was actually deciding between an all-or-nothing approach! Lani helped me see that there is a middle-ground, a workable plan that I can maintain that is tailored to me. She has helped me make adjustments as we designed a plan for my personal success. It is a flexible life-style plan that I can take with me anywhere I go and use for the rest of my life for weight loss and for maintenance.

My pants are looser now – no sucking gut to get the zipper up. I believe that in another month to 6 weeks I will be down another size.And I know I can do this even during the holidays because my plan is flexible and tailored for me. I’m actually looking forward to the challenge of it!

Lani has helped me most deeply with mental blocks. For example, I was approaching the diet/nutrition/exercise dilemma as a high mountain to be scaled. Lani helped me see that I can break up the mountain scaling into smaller, doable chunks.

The Private Coaching Calls…were extremely helpful and priceless to me. Lani was never anything but uplifting and encouraging and I always felt clearer after the phone calls. She somehow knew what questions to ask to help me move forward. She just asked the questions I needed to be asked for me to figure out why I was resistant to any aspect of taking action. I had taken an online fitness class before and figured this was something like that. But this was so much more and very beneficial to me. Lani seemed to know what I needed before I did!I think she is so good at this because she has experienced the frustration I had. She found her solution, and I wanted it.

I gave myself and my feelings of disappointment about food and diet over to Lani and trusted her and I’m so glad I did. I found this …invaluable for helping me dissolve my fitness frustrations and to feel hope again.I still have work to do…. But I have hope now! And I have a workable plan.

Amber Rust, Maryland

“Lani gave me the Tools to make it happen! “

I was drawn to Lani’s Program because Lani had struggled with weight and obsession and perfectionism, just as I have…and she found a way to freedom! Knowing that gave me hope.

The private coaching sessions quickly became most important for me. I needed someone to hold my feet to the fire so that I can’t get away with making excuses and putting off till tomorrow what needs to be addressed today. It’s easy for me to live in the future thinking all will be well when I lose 50 lbs and have the perfect exercise schedule but…I’ll think about that tomorrow. And tomorrow never comes!

However, after going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment this year, there’s been a shift that Lani’s class really reinforced for me. Today is what matters. It became clear to me that I wanted to learn to enjoy today and myself the way I am today. I want to learn to plan so that my kitchen is stocked with tasty healthful foods and I have an idea about what I will eat for each meal and when I will make time during the day to exercise. And I want to learn to do all this in a gentle, relaxed, enjoyable way. I want to treat myself each day like I would treat someone that I love very much and want the best for, rather than like someone I hate for not being perfect and who deserves punishment.

Lani gave me the tools to make this happen.

With her guidance, I now see the importance of being specific about the person I want to be and how valuable that is in changing my mind in order to change my body and my life; important in cultivating a new way of being. I’ve always known that an all or nothing approach wasn’t working but didn’t know how to be free from it! I have learned from this class that it’s the little consistent steps/changes that make subtle differences over time. This is so exciting to me and what I’ve wanted for so long!

I recommend the class for anyone who is frustrated and tired of thinking the same self defeating thoughts and repeating the same nonproductive behavior over and over regarding eating, weight, exercise, etc. When all else has failed, this is the class for you. It will get you on the track of change from the inside out.

Lani, thank you so much. I so appreciate your sincerity and perseverance with each of us…meeting us where we are and pressing in until we get to the real issues. You are very gifted at that and thanks so much for sharing your gift to help me move forward.

Karen Van Dyk, Knoxville, TN

The Quality Of My Life Has Improved
In So Many Ways”

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. ..

Last year after reading Lani Muelrath’s newsletter and participating in her TeleClass, “5 Fatal Mistakes Women Make About Fitness”, I signed up for the Fitness Action Plan. Two women who worked with Lani wrote detailed testimonials; their personal stories resonated deeply inside which helped me make this decision.

At the time, I was unclear about the next direction in my life. My challenges then included retiring from a stressful technology career, family illness and sport injuries. I felt over-worked and wasn’t including myself on my own “to do list”. During this session and through the course modules, teleconference calls and individual coaching sessions with Lani; my focus shifted inward with higher self-regard.

The quality of my life improved in many ways: recognition of my gifts, a better body image, feeling confident in my own skin, setting goals that resonate deeply within me, feeling the power of making my own choices and clarity of vision.
Collaboration with Lani is joyful. Lani demonstrates the qualities I described.

Thank you, Lani, for walking with me during this journey. I am very grateful.

Janis Tidwell, Oklahoma City

“…an incredible journey of success for me,
and helped me rebuild my confidence and self esteem.”

For some reason, an article in Lani’s newsletter, “Transformations: Is it Really Possible to Change?” stood out and was speaking to me. I was in the process of some lifestyle changes and I knew that I desperately needed some new tools to create, acknowledge and embrace my new life.

This course with Lani has been an incredible journey of success for me. It has allowed me to look at myself and all of my negative barriers that I had built up over the years and break them down. During one of my private one on one sessions with Lani, I had this overwhelming feeling that I wasn’t getting what needed to get done. I thought that I was ready to throw in the towel as I had many other times.

Lani quickly assessed what was happening, helped me to recognize it and worked with me to break things down in small chunks, which ultimately helped me in the rebuilding of my confidence and self esteem.

Lani provided me with the necessary tools to work through and identify the pattern that was standing in my way and learn how to change it. The  group Teleconference calls and the weekly one-on-one session with Lani, have been invaluable. They have allowed me to understand what I want out of life, how to build it from the foundation up one brick at a time, and that it is OK to slip up as long as you accept it, shake yourself off and continue where you left off.

Lani, I thank you and appreciate you for your insight, your wisdom, and kindness. You are an incredible person, instructor, and friend.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story with everyone!

Pat Zawasky, Clinton, Maryland

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