Fit Quickies™ 5 Minute Workouts

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Downloadable videos and audios of ten Fit Quickies 5 minute workouts to supplement The Book.

“How To Sneak In Effective Exercise So That You Can Feel Instantly Energized While Tightening Those Tough Spots!”

Laser Focused Moves That Target Abs, Thighs, Seat and Arms For Instant Invigoration and Beautiful Shape. Now In Audio & NEW Video Downloads.

  • Do you barely have time to dash from one task to another, let alone invest big chunks of time in an “exercise” program?
  • Are you sick of pouring your hard-earned cash into a gym membership that you never use anyway, even though you know you need to get moving or you’ll never have the stamina and vitality to stay up with your life?
  • Are you getting a diminishing return for the time you DO invest in exercise because it is so doggone random and haphazard that your results are as chaotic as your non-existent plan?
  • Are the body shaping results you’re certain you SHOULD be getting, elusive?
  • Or maybe you’ve just fallen hard off the workout wagon and need a kick in the hmmhmm to get you going.

Look. There are 2 problems here.

  1. As much as you know you need to get some exercise so that you can stay energetic and productive, frankly it’s taken a backseat because you just don’t have the time. You are busy from the break of dawn and before you know it it’s 3:00 in the afternoon and “work out” has not been checked off on your “to do today” list.
  2. Energy levels, you notice, are not the only thing sagging. If those famously stubborn areas are oddly shifting, or the activity you DO manage to squeak in is not delivering the shape that you want – you know what I’m talking about: belly, inner thighs, triceps, and your seat – nothing’s going to change until you master some strategies.

Just between us, it’s time to hear the message: lack of consistent challenge to your body is resulting in diminishing energy reserves, AND whatever you ARE doing is not sufficiently challenging the muscles you so earnestly desire to shape.

If you want an energetic body, you need to move it. And if you want beautiful curve to your muscle, you need to look them straight in the eye and command their attention.  Fit Quickies™ make them sit up and take notice.

Let’s face it. We want both. They are both cornerstones to a woman’s vitality, presence, and spirit of success.



Fit Quickies™

Fun, simple, in private, in minutes.

10 fun, laser-focused exercises in audio and video downloads for quick, instant invigoration and effective body shaping strategies, anywhere, any time.

Classy. Elegant. It’s the ultimate in privacy and convenience with body shaping.

Start targeting triceps, abs, inner thighs, seat, muffin top, and more – in minutes with these fun, effective moves..

Fit Quickies™. For The Woman Who Doesn’t Have Time To Work Out Yet
Secretly Craves Feeling & Looking Like She Does.

And here’s the beauty of it all: you can sprinkle these in short, 5 – 7 minute bursts throughout the day OR string them together as in the Fit Quickies™ Express 50 for an effective, complete workout.

Click on the buttons below to get the full skinny on these made-to-order body shapers!

Fit Quickies™ #1:  7 Seconds To A Flat Belly

Let’s face it. That zone right beneath the belt line in front is almost a universal area of concern. What’s with the “belly pooch”, anyway? Abdominal “belly” pooch is caused by more than just extra abdominal fat. It is also due to the downward pressure of internal organs due to gravitational pull, as well as reduced muscle tone of the muscles deep in the abdominal wall.

Fit Quickie #1 isolates and targets this muscle quickly and effectively. Sneak it in any place, any time. And you’re on your way to a flatter belly in just minutes a day.

Fit Quickie #1 Tutorial Track: Click here to listen to the first 30 seconds of this track.

Fit Quickie #1 Practice Track. Click here to listen to the first 30 seconds of this track.

Lani, I am beyond thrilled with FQ #1! I have rapidly experienced significant firming and toning through the torso and lower abs due largely to this move, which surpasses my previous favorite abs exercise. Sherry R., Houston, TX


Click Here for More Info About Reversing Belly Pooch



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Fit Quickies™ #2: Inner Thigh Squeeze and Tease

Fast acting and fun, Fit Quickie™ #2 zooms right in on the inner thigh to strengthen and shape these muscles. You know what this one is all about. Thigh flop is NOT a good feeling!   Luckily these muscles are easily to isolate so that you can directly affect the strength and shape of this muscle group.   Fit Quickie  #2 is easy, fun, effective and easy. As a matter of fact, you can work these in while sitting at your desk or computer. Just pop in the Practice Track for Fit Quickie #2, and you’re ready to go. Fit Quickie #2 Tutorial Track: Click here to listen to the first 30 seconds of this track. Fit Quickie #2 Practice Track: Click here to listen to the first 30 seconds of this track.            

My favorite Fit Quickies are #2 and #3 – because I can see the difference in my inner thighs and arms since I began to incorporate them!~ Jennifer Dove, Teacher & Dancer, Maryland



Click Here for More Info About Tightening Those Inner Thighs



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  Fit Quickies™ #3: Triceps Triple Play   Between you and me:

        • Are YOUR triceps behaving like you want them to?



      • Do they continue waving goodbye, long after YOU do?


             If your triceps – the muscles in the back of your upper arms – need some serious attention, then Fit Quickie #3 was made just for you. The triceps muscle, unless we purposely challenge it, really does not get a lot of work in modern life. Lucky for us, it is EASY to target, isolate and overload – exactly what you’ll do with FQ #3 . Fit Quickie #3 Tutorial Track: Click here to listen to the first 20 seconds of this track. Fit Quickie #3 Practice Track: Click here to listen to the first 20 seconds of this track.                    

I just want to let everybody who may be sitting on the fence about Lani’s Fit Quickies that it’s TIME TO FALL OFF!! Just one exercise may not seem like much. Let me tell you what! THAT IS NONSENSE! When you put ONE in a sentence with Fit Quickie #3 it is HUGE – why? because ONE is the total inches I’ve LOST (bye-bye one) from my flabby sail arms – I’ve been using the FQ’s for about 3 weeks now – four times a week – and there is ONE inch GONE! I can’t say ENOUGH about these Fit Quickies!! THANKS LANI!! ~ Grayce Beck, owner, Laura’s Lathers, Toledo, Ohio



Click Here for More Info About How To Tighten Those Triceps



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Fit Quickies™ #4: Gorgeous Glutes and Hamstrings

Fit Quickie #4, “Gorgeous Glutes and Hamstrings”features THE most effective strategy (research shows!) to isolate and target the back of the seat down into the legs for superior backyard shaping. Between you and me:

          • Are things out back going south? Or simply flattening out – even more than usual?



      • Do you long for extra zip and power in your legs?


          If your gluteals and hamstrings need some serious attention – (and unless you’ve been target training them, I can guarantee they do) – then Fit Quickie #4 was designed with you in mind.

FQ1 and FQ4 are favorites! I like FQ4 because it reminds me of Pigeon, my favorite yoga posture and I love all the stretching in the hips and seat that you get from it, not to mention the waist!– Pat McKenzie



Click Here for More Info About This Seat-Lifting Fit Quickie



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Fit Quickies #5: “Topless Muffins”

YOU know what I’m talking about. That melt down at the back side of the waist. The top of the muffin.   This move is also one of the best shapers I’ve ever found for the back and side of the seat.   VERY targeted, tiny moves, but big on performance. You may have encountered this move in other workouts before. I just put my own signature “spin” on it to increase isolation and overload: the hallmarks of Fit Quickies™.   The muscles you work for this keeper are rarely brought into play in your daily activities. Which is why targeting them with Topless Muffins makes such a difference in your profile. If I were to take one body sculpting exercise that brings to the table the most reshaping power, this would be it.

Lani, I love Topless Muffins, and am really looking forward to Thigh Warriors! I like that I feel like I am in control of my workout…I get to choose these little 3 minute segments…and they are the Best of the Best…There is NO Wasted movements…everything is honed down to the “get quick results” ~ Angela Crawford



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Fit Quickies™ #6: “Thigh Warriors”


            • beautifully sculpted legs


  • rock solid thighs



  • spring in your step



  • burningcalories at a premium during very little workout time



    Sound good? Then Fit Quickie #6: “Thigh Warriors” has got to be a part of your plan.

I love Fit Quickies because they are just that- quick, but I can do as many reps as I feel up for. also- just easily accessed via i-tunes, so very fast to pop right into when I see I have 15 minute to myself. ~ Tricia Johnston



Click Here for More Info About The Shaping Power of Thigh Warriors



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Fit Quickies™ #7: “Kickstand Curls”

The secret to laser-focused abdominal challenge for maximum results in minimum time – just what you ordered.   When designing Kickstand Curls variations, I reviewed the current research literature extensively. I was determined to find out what positions and exercises for the abdominals were proven most effective in activating the abdominal muscles.   Then I combined them with my extensive training and experience with anatomical alignment and positioning to bring them to you in a simple sequence.   With Kickstand Curls and the variations I have for you, you will cut through the guess work of ab muscle isolation and get right to the heart of the matter with your first reps.

Love to do your Fit Quickies™ workouts! I’ve done the Abs, whew! Yes I feel it! I love the music! You give great instructions and coaching during the Quickies. ~ Susan L. Magnolia, Ohio



Click Here for More About Kickstand Curls



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Fit Quickies™ #8: “Hot Seat!”

Not only does this little gem put the perfect finish on your workout, it stands on its own as a quick energizer for any time during the day.   I call it one of my “instant invigorators”!   The gluteals – and hamstrings – are notoriously underdeveloped in women. This results in back pain, poor posture, and quite frankly, a backyard wanting in shape and power.   And between you and me, there is nothing as energizing as having muscle vitality “back there”. Strong seat muscles are deeply connected with so many coveted elements: energy, beauty grace of movement, and how you fill your jeans, plain and simple.   And here’s the best part. Hot Seat is so much fun you won’t want to stop when the track is finished. PLUS, Hot Seat is so versatile it can be mixed and matched with any other workout or pulled out for a quick bite of energy at any time during the day.

I love the Fit Quickies…they’re innovative, easy to incorporate into your day or to combine for a great shaping workout! I want to add that They are simple (not easy!) yet powerful. I also love how you can incorporate them into existing routines so easily. ~ Melissa Gaines



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NEWEST in the Fit Quickies™ Collection: 2 All-New Body Shapers: Fit Quickies #9 and #10, ‘Stand – up Seat’ and ‘Leg Plays’. Here’s your sneak preview:

Fit Quickies™ #9: Stand-up Seat

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Here Is What You Receive Instantly Upon Your Order



Each Fit Quickie Comes With Separate, Detailed Downloadable Instructions In 4 Tracks, PLUS you get the transcripts:

        • Audio Tutorials: All the details of each powerful Fit Quickie to keep your practice – and body sculpting – in high gear. Details of position, alignment, and performance included.


  • Audio Practice: For your convenience to play on ipod, mp3 or computer. When you need an option other than video.



  • Video Tutorials: All the details of alignment and positioning for best results – in video.The only Fit Quickie that does not have this track is #2, Inner Thigh, which is clearly instructed on the audio tutorial.



  • Video Practice : Once you’ve got the exercise down, you just play and GO! 10 workout tracks, one for each Fit Quickie.



  • 20 Transcripts:  Don’t you always wish you had a written copy of instructions to get the most out of your workout time?Transcripts for all  Tutorial Tracks as well as Practice Tracks are instantly available to you as downloads.




“Lani, I love everything about your website and I have to tell you that a light bulb went off when I got your free Body Shaping Breakthrough gifts with Fit Quickie #1, 7 Seconds to a Flat Belly.I thought I was just bloated because I eat so much fiber. I didn’t realize that my transverse abdominal muscles were weaker than they used to be (I’m now 49) and that this allowed my internal organs to drop, making it look as though I had a pooch….even though I do aerobic and/or muscle-building exercise and practice power yoga daily. I’ve been using your technique and it’s already made such a difference! Thank you so much for opening my eyes and I will most definitely be sharing your website with my clients!! ~Sharon McRae, Eat Well Stay Well LLC


I love the Fit Quickie concept and find them SO very useful as I did the original ab exercise, Fit Quickie #1, 7 Seconds to a Flat Belly, which is still one of my ‘go-tos’. Thanks, Lani, for the great work you’re doing!” ~Diana Israel, Adjunct Professor, Golden Gate University School of Business

Fit Quickies™ can be mixed and matched for your schedule and targeted areas of concern. They can be peppered throughout your day as sneak-in instant invigorators, or laced together for a lengthier, all-at-once session. Flexible to meet your lifestyle needs. Focused and down-to-business. All 10 Fit Quickies™ at a glance:  To get 10% discount on any and all Fit Quickies purchases, sign up for Lani’s Success Club – it’s only 9.97 a month, you’ll get your investment back immediately when you purchase the Full Fit Quickies™ Bundle, and you can cancel at any time.  When you sign up for Success Club, you will be emailed the discount code to apply immediately to your order.  PLUS your membership comes with Bonus Gifts.  Go to Success Club to sign up now.


Ready for the Fit Quickies™ Difference?

Fit Quickies™ #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, and #10

Yes! Please send me the Fit Quickies™ Body Transformation Bundle. I understand I will receive… 10 Tutorial Tracks and 10 Practice Tracks (20 MP3 audio tracks all together) 9 Downloadable Videos of Detailed Form Instructions, Tips, and Pointers 10 Downloadable Practice Videos, one of each of the 10 Fit Quickies™ in their entirety

    • #1: 7 Seconds to a Flat Belly


  • #2: Inner Thigh Squeeze and Tease


  • #3: Triceps Triple Play


  • #4: Gorgeous Glutes and Hamstrings


  • #5: Topless Muffins


  • #6: Thigh Warriors


  • #7: Kickstand Curls for Abs


  • #8: Hot Seat!


  • #9: Stand Up Seat


  • #10 Leg Plays


  • FREE Fit Quickie Express 50 Audio Track



The Fit Quickies™ Express 50 Track!

Audio MP3 ($30 value)

Fit Quickies™ Express 50 is Fit Quickies™ #1 – #8 edited into one, tight, supershaping 50 minute track. Play straight through for a targeted, body shaping workout OR break it up for instant invigoraters peppered into a busy day.

Fit Quickies™ Body Transformation Bundle


“Back-to-My Body” Special

ONLY $150 $97


Buy The Full Fit Quickies™ Collection, # 1- 10 and Save Includes the Fit Quickie Express 50 Audio Track


$150   $97  (you save $53)




The Fit Quickies™ Express 50 Track! Audio MP3 ($30 value) Fit Quickies™ Express 50 is Fit Quickies™ #1 – #8 edited into one, tight, supershaping 50 minute track. Play straight through for a targeted, body shaping workout OR break it up for instant invigoraters peppered into a busy day.

More Fit Quickies™ Buzz…


Lani, Fit Quickie #3 is AWESOME! I love how you set up the video first with an informal look at what to expect and then lead the viewer through a real time workout. It was very helpful to see you do it, and it challenges me even more to have correct posture and keep that arm straight! I’m still feeling it from yesterday, and I didn’t even do it close to as well as you illustrated in the video, so I’m excited to do it again tomorrow. Hopefully, my arms won’t still be jello by then 🙂 ~ Samantha Robinson,CLU, ChFC Development Consultant Tampa, FL


Lani, your Fit Quickies are AWESOME!! I loved your workshop and I learned so much about muscle muscle targeting, isolation, and activation. I’m so glad I planned to stay the whole day at your Fit Quickies workshop”. ~ Elizabeth Platt, Owner, Inside Out Fitness, Sacramento, CA


Love to do your fit quickies™ workouts. I’ve done the Abs, whew! Yes I feel it! I love the music! You give great instructions and coaching during the quickies. I can’t think of a thing to improve them, they’re very effective as is! All the best.~ Susan L. Magnolia, Ohio


“Lani, your Fit Quickie #1 is powerful! Your tutorial is detailed and clear. And I love the practice track. Having it on my laptop with you guiding the move is very encouraging, and the breathing is really energizing. I’m looking forward to more Fit Quickies™ for my fitness toolbox!!~Martha H., TX


Oh WOW Lani!! First of all, you have set up a winning formula. And the music is great – just enough bass/rhythm to get me into the mood.The instructions are very image-rich and helpful. The tutorials are easy to follow and the explanations are thorough. Your voice coaching is easy to follow. I like doing the “7 seconds To A Flat Belly FQ#1” following your voice – it made it easy for me to concentrate on the right muscles – and the music made it fun. (I LOVE the music btw!) The FQ #2 practice is FUN – can you believe I said that??. And with Fit Quickie Express 50 the time goes so by so fast. Your tips of course come just in time to remind me “drop those shoulders from the neck, feel the muscles , see the finish line”! I also found that I can do the Fit Quickies Express 50 in a relatively small area. And the adjustments you created for me with my knees work so well, yet still comply with your audio instructions. I feel SO GOOD after finishing! Lani, I am amazed at how powerful your Fit Quickie’s are – your voice is melodic and great to listen to while doing these exercises. Your incentives, explanations, reasons and accommodations make total sense, and are easy to follow. More importantly though, it that is was actually FUN. Can’t wait for more!!~ Paym Bergson, Toronto, Canada


Lani, This is super!!!! Such a great product!!!!! You continually are amazing!! Your Fit Quickie music has a wonderful beat. I love the energy of the music and the words. Your voice is very soothing yet upbeat. I like short exercise sets with maximum impact. Way to go!!!” ~ Carolynn Dugan, Santa Barbara, CA

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