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Fast Start

Just like it sounds. You’re truly ready to make change and want the one-on-one contact and accountability to make your body shaping, health, and fitness goals happen NOW. No tire-kickers.

My most exclusive program, usually filled by referrals and wait listed. This is an 8 week, personalized, one-on-one coaching and mentorship program with me.


I began working with Lani on the Fast Start program, and  I am now down 20 pounds.  I now have the confidence in what I am doing with my body to stay healthy and land at that  good body weight.    My other attempts at weight loss were always successful….for a time.    Of course, I was always starving so it was pretty easy for me to take a ‘sample’ of a not-so-healthy food item..and  unfortunately  keep going.   This time is so different for me.   
Janice then...and now

Janice then…and now

Changing my mindset about changing my body  has probably been the single most important step I have taken.  I never walked down that path in the past so it was easy to think that I could always loose a few extra pounds if I wanted to.   Now, I have learned to modify my eating based on listening to my body.   Wow – another first!    

I could not have gotten here without Lani’s coaching.    To have the wisdom of someone who has truly taken the same steps to get to healthy is priceless!   She is a jewel and I can’t thank her enough.   ~ Janice Bird, Summer 2013

See Janice’s complete story here:

How Janice pulled herself ‘out of a hole’, lost 15 pounds, and gained her life back

The advantages of the 8 week time frame of the Fast Start is that it gives us a chance to address ebbs and flows of motivation, life’s interruptions, and getting beyond the honeymoon phase of new and improved healthy living practices. We  strategize new issues as they present themselves, and fine-tune and adjust your workout, eating, and mindset activities to stay on track. Longer than 8 weeks is good too, and that is always an option as you move forward; you’ll know more when you get there.

The benefits of working together in this fashion are clear.

If you want to find out if Fast Start is right for you, feel free to write to me here.

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Philosophy and Model

I practice a coaching method that is a holistic, evidence and experience-based approach to transformative change. What does that mean? That means I take what has been proven to work when it comes to change through what the research tells us as well as through personal experience Through my own personal experiences, struggles, and work with coaches myself, I have learned how to live a lifestyle that keeps me healthy, trim, and energized. It has delivered to me a healthy, happy relationship with food, eating, exercise, and my body. And that’s what I want for you to have, too.

My 3 Pillars of Success

In order to get what you want with your health and weight, you have to go three for three.  All three of these must be in alignment.  This is the foundation of my personal success and coaching practice, and the foundation of the Fit Quickies book.

When you get these three in alignment, – the food, the fitness, and the mastery of mindset – I call them the Three Pillars of Success – you will become unstoppable.

  1. When it comes to weight loss, it’s all about the food. A whole foods, low fat plant-based diet is what has brought me personal unparalleled success. It is a way of eating the brings into beautiful alignment health, environmental issues, and a kitchen of compassion.
  2. When it comes to shaping your body, it’s all about muscle challenge.
  3. And when it comes to making it all happen? Well, that’s where the mindset comes in.

They all work together.

Nothing is more exciting and rewarding to me that helping you realize success at living healthy, happy and fit. Our bodies are our vehicles of expression and purpose in the world – and being fit, healthy and energetic have huge bearing on your impact and joy. Living in alignment of purpose with your diet and lifestyle creates an unbeatable platform for success.

I believe in making a positive impact through personally practicing this alignment with the principles I coach and teach. My life’s work is focused around helping others become the healthiest, happiest person they can possibly be with the foundation of good diet, physical activity, and mindset for success – the inseparable three pillars.

My coaching, instructions and directives are a match to that to my own healthy living values. Mastery is simply ongoing practice, and I never ask you to do anything that I don’t strive to myself. In this way, my coaching remains authentic and real. My practice has been built and sustained on honesty and integrity, which is why it is so easy for me to help you from my experience – I simply tell the truth.

I am known for my strong caring and compassionate approach from my foundation as a teacher. My intention is to partner with you to find deeper clarity and focus toward realizing your most cherished ideals in healthy living, fitness, weight, and happiness. I promise to be present and provide persistent support in partnering with you to reach your goals through mutual engagement, warmth, humor, honesty and occasional in-your-face fierceness. It is simply a matter of aligning what we value most with the choices we make and the habits we practice every day. In the words of Eileen T. O’Grady, PhD., RN, NP:

I believe that most people are deeply committed to becoming whole and living a life that supports wellness and need only expanded awareness and support to do so.

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Fast Start Program With Lani Muelrath Registration Click HERE

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