“I Am Thrilled With The Results From This Program!“

I am thrilled with the results I have gotten from taking this program. Early on, Lani told me, “Change your mind, change your body, change your life” and that is exactly what has happened for me.

When I signed up for the class, I wasn’t really sure what we would be doing, but I am a rule follower, so I thought Lani would tell me eat “these foods”, stay away from other foods, and do these exercises. I thought that was all I really needed to know, what foods to eat and what exercises to do.

Well, I did eventually get to the point of knowing what I needed to eat and how I needed to workout, but there was a process that I needed to go through first. Before I began the program, I would eat healthy, but only for a few weeks, or I would work out really hard, but again, only for a few weeks.

Now, I am consistently eating healthy, and when I do eat bread, or dessert, I know it is going to be fine. Before this program, I would spend most days mentally beating myself up about my workouts or diet. Now, I am in control of my eating and workouts. I don’t obsess about food any more.

I have lost about 5 pounds during the few weeks of this program. I have also lost an inch and a half from my waist. The two body parts I wanted to focus on during this class, were my abs and arms. Well, with the weight loss , my abs are more defined and my arms are noticeably smaller.

I would recommend Lani’s program to anyone who has tried every diet or fitness program out there, but felt like there had to be a smarter, better way. Now, I am armed with the tools necessary to continue this lifestyle. I learned that it’s not only okay to take care of myself, but it’s imperative that I do so, in order to be able to take care of others.

Lani, Thank You so much for the new me!

~April Gregory, TN

“I bought some new clothes a month ago, and already they are too big!”

“I’ve been trying to lose this weight for years without success. I thought I was doing things right before .  But no matter what workouts I did, and sticking to what I thought was a diet designed to help me lose weight, I wasn’t.

“Now after just 2 months with Lani’s program, I’ve trimmed down over 13 lbs.  I bought some new clothes a month ago, and already they are too big!  I’m not complaining – this is like a dream come true.

“The biggest shifts have been through my waist and midriff. I lost about an inch in my waist quite quickly. My belly is really flat now, and my hips have slimmed considerably.

I used to need LOTS of sleep: 10 – 12 hours a night!   I am now bouncing out of bed at 5:30 in the morning to go walk my dog!”

Patsy Tobis J. Sayles Design West Des Moines, Iowa.

“Lani is an amazing and talented personal coach and trainer”

“Lani’s system of workout routines for women has revolutionized my approach and I now have an effective rotation of exercise – that I like! Plus, her sound nutrition and eating plan have helped me stop dieting – and start losing weight.

As a matter of fact, I’m down 23 inches in the last 3 months.

Her system is perfect for busy women serious about reshapingtheir body, revamping their food and exercise plans, changing their mindset, and looking for an excellent coach. The resources and forums and monthly calls in FitDream Fusion are EXCELLENT and information-packed. Lani is extremely generous with her experience and expertise, listens to what YOU want, and then helps make that happen.

As a busy woman and business owner, I highly recommend Lani as an amazing and talented personal coach and trainer extraordinaire.

Pat McKenzie, Partner, AQSIM, New Jersey

“Lani’s brilliant system has deeply impacted my confidence!”

“Lani has moved me rapidly from overwhelm to ACTION.  Her no-nonsense approach pulled me out of my negative thoughts with a system that got me unstuck with my exercise and eating.

Her brilliant system has resulted in not only a better body, but have deeply impacted my confidence and belief in myself and made me better at taking action in other areas of my life.My energy has JUMPED so that I can accomplish more, and cravings are way down.

“Thanks Lani for making it all simple, doable, and effective.  You’ve made it possible for me to prioritize my health and energy!  I now have a sense of hopefulness, a feeling that more is possible, and that I can create the kind of changes I want to see in my life.”

~ Jennifer Dove Entrepeneur, Writer/Dancer/Teacher,  Maryland

“A friend told me this week that I look better now that I did 10 years ago!”

“My success and progress toward my goals since I started working with Lani’s coaching has been solid, steady, and very exciting. The consistency and accountability factor of membership in herFitDream Fusion Inner Circle has played such an important role.

The shifts have been nothing short of amazing!  I have now lost an entire size, dropped 6 lbs and over 10 inches (in key spots alone:  reduced 4 inches (yes!) in my waist alone, shaved 3 inches off my abs,  and tightened up 3 inches off my hips.

Feeling more comfortable in my clothes was a big initial goal – and I’m thrilled that those changes are really happening!

My energy is much more even. With the tools that Lani has coached me to put in place, my energy is far more even, constant, and reliable. And I love what Lani’s dietary guidelines has done for my hunger satisfaction.

A friend told me this week that I look better now than I did 10 years ago – more fit and toned. Yeah!  I can’t wait to see what the next weeks bring.

Thank you, Lani!

Val Durack, Urbana, Illinois

“Lani’s  coaching program has delivered outstanding results that I have never been able to achieve before”

“I have finally been able to experience changes in my body that I have been trying to make for a long time!

It has been at least 7 years that I have been stuck, and in spite of all the diet and exercise knowledge I have studied, none of it was working.  I was so confused and ready to give up. Since starting theWoman’s Fitness Blueprint Action Plan for Success coaching program, however, I am down over 5 lbs and 8 inches – 2.5 in my waist alone. I am extremely thrilled that I now have the tools to deliver this extraordinary progress and continue forward.

Previously, I would get to a place where I would start having progress with my fitness and then I would “fall off the wagon” – my progress would stall, I wouldn’t get any further, and then I’d just lose ground. This was very discouraging.

I came to this course wanting to learn why I kept running into the wall – and how to get through it. Though I was still afraid of failing again, I’d look at Lani’s photos from her 10 year history, and think “that looks like me…and to see her now, WOW – I want that!” It’s not just the inch loss, it’s the vitality and energy that come through…Read more>>>

~ Vicki H., Dublin, Ohio

“I have regained my health and well-being.”

“I love the process of the Woman’s Fitness Blueprint program.

Without Lani I could never have made the progress that I have over the last year, including an 18 lb weight loss in the last few months alone. I have regained the health and well being that I had before a very serious and debilitating injury. In addition, I have seen radical shifts in my physique that I had never been able to achieve before.

Looking back, I felt that I had hit a plateau. I had gotten tremendous benefits but knew there was still so much more to learn and to gain.

It was then that I contacted Lani and began working out with her via webcam.  What a difference working with Lani has made!

Without Lani I could never have made the progress that I have over the last year and be able to reach my goal of complete recovery.

This led to my very active and successful participation in the Woman’s Fitness BluePrint.  I highly recommend this program to anyone who is seriously desirous of creating new habits, more life balance, and a happier, more productive relationship with exercise and nutrition. Thanks, Lani!

~Dr. Amy Johnson, M.D. Longmont, CO

“Kudos to Lani for orchestrating such a great program!”

Lani, I’m not really surprised but have to say that your organization and thoughtfulness with Booty Camp are unparalleled. Everything is so organized! I feel fabulous! I was just thrilled this morning when looking in the mirror.

In these 2 weeks of the FitDream 14-Day Booty Camp, I have:

1) Lost 7 – 8 lbs.

2) Significant firming and toning through the torso and lower lats, obliques and lower abs due largely to Fit Quickie #1, which surpasses my previous favorite abs exercise! We’re talking highly visible toning and tightening

3) A renewed commitment to working out and some new ideas on how to introduce variety. I feel like I look good which is 95% of the battle to looking good!

It is like all of a sudden, people are noticing me. I keep gettingcompliments in a way that I’ve never experienced.I’ve learned that just minor changes in nutrition can lead to big results. Kudos to Lani for orchestrating such a great program!

Sherry R.,  Houston, TX

“Our Clients Love Lani’s Fit Quickies(TM)!”

Within our Empowerment 4u! Woman’s Only Coaching Club we teach business in balance, meaning how we live our life outside of our business is key to our success.

Our clients (and me!) love Lani’s Fit Quickiesbecause we always can find time to exercise which gives us more energy. This allows us to show up fully to serve our clients, resulting in abundance and wealth in all areas of our life.

Thanks Lani for putting together a no-excuse program for all of us busy women. Your authentic, joyful, yet educational way of teaching makes exercise not only fun, but teaches us it’s necessary to our success in life.

Debra Larson
Wealth & Marketing Coach

“Lani, you’re my hero!”

I absolutely love every part of the Fitness Breakthrough Kit!  I love the twist on Fit Quickie #1, I can now use both version whenever and wherever. I’m a big fan of audio as I absolutely hate commuting and they’re great to take with me on my way to work. The science file was really helpful too..

The follow up emails were a great help. Sometimes I get completely sidetracked during the week with work and other things and it’s great to have a little reminder that I should take some time for myself and my health.

Keep up the good work. I will always be grateful as I got out of my plateau after your May Get Off Your Buts! Booty Camp, nothing had worked before. You’re my hero!”

~  Solene Hyordey, Nottingham, UK

“Lani, I am amazed at how powerful your Fit Quickies™ are!”

Oh WOW Lani!! First of all, you have set up a winning formula. And the music is great – just enough bass/rhythm to get me into the mood.

The instructions are very image-rich and helpful.  The tutorials are easy to follow and the explanations are thorough. Your voice coaching is easy to follow. I like doing the “7 seconds To A Flat Belly FQ#1” following your voice – it made it easy for me to concentrate on the right muscles – and the music made it fun. (I LOVE the music btw!)

The Fit Quickie #2 practice is FUN! And with Fit Quickie Express 50 the time goes so by so fast.  I also found  that  I can do the Express 50 in a relatively small area. I feel SO GOOD after finishing!

Lani, I am amazed at how powerful your Fit Quickies are – your voice is melodic and great to listen to while doing these exercises. Your incentives, explanations, reasons and accommodations make total sense, and are easy to follow. More importantly though, it that is was actually FUN. Can’t wait for more!!

Paym Bergson, Toronto, Canada


“I feel like I have been set free…”

I hated the way I ate and felt and to top it off it made no difference to my tummy, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it was living hell I can tell you. Not until I found your story Lani, and it was all by accident but what a saviour it was. I read your story and it was so me and I knew then if you could manage to do it I  would give it a try and the rest you know is history.

No more worrying about just eating veggies and no carbs, the feelings sometimes are still there of course but with my scrap book and you  and science I know I am on the right path, and so do my patients. It is a wonderful breakthrough that has been found and now I can and so can my patients live guilt free from our food choices.

I feel like i have been set free if that makes senses and i could not imagine going through life like I was before, having to weigh and measure every darn thing that I ate.  So Lani you can see the mass of destruction I have been living and that is why I am so grateful for your support and encouraging comments as well as the scientific back up behind it all.

I will always be forever grateful to you.

Take care , cheers,

Anna Cook, Australia

“Before Booty Camp, I found it hard to reach my goals”


I am writing to tell you I have dropped 10 pounds this past month!  I have been able to do this simply by implementing the tools I had learned from my time in your   Body Transformation Booty Camp, Gams, Glutes, Abs, and Arms Class.
Here are the very important tools I used:
1)  The first tool is food choices:   I have almost completely cut out dairy—no more bloat! I eat it occasionally, but no longer on a daily basis.  I also include unrefined starches and grains in my meals, and have cut out a lot of the refined grains and fats.
2)  The other tool I used was that of mindset. I realized that:
1. I really have to want it.
2. I have to embrace discomfort so I could embrace my goals
3. I need to have a vision of what I want to look like. I struggled to make dietary changes until I made those changes in my thinking.

Once I changed my thinking – Bam! Everything fell into place, even my tastebuds. (I thought I would miss milk  too much. Not anymore!)  Before Booty Camp, I found it hard to reach my goals because of mindset.  I usually thought that whenever I had to give up something or change something, it meant it was forever. I didn’t have faith my actions and thoughts would bring positive change.

I also found that I was focusing on the negative in the immediate – what I was giving up –instead of objectively and passionately keeping the goal in mind that changes would bring about. I’m not a long-term goal planner or thinker.

But changing my mindset not only impacted my body and weight goals, it has impacted other areas of my life. I finally realized what it takes to start reaching my goals. I now tell a lot of people to give up dairy. Just try substituting non-dairy milk (almond is my favorite!) for 10 days. I was surprised at how much better my body felt. When I consumed dairy, I felt “gunked” up and weighed down.  I didn’t realize how much it disturbed my stomach and GI tract. But that disappeared once I discontinued consuming dairy regularly.

I just wanted to pass this along to you. Once I reach my body composition goal, I plan on pursuing my dream of teaching barre classes.
This is all thanks to you, my dear, darling Lani!

Kind regards,  

Keturah, CO


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