Time to say good-bye

When I set the intention not long ago to bring the message of healthy, happy and fit forward in a bigger way than ever before,  I had no idea it would take the form of a book as it has with the upcoming release of The Book!  Fast forward, Fit Quickies:  5 Minute Targeted Body-Shaping Workouts  is being printed as we speak and it’s time to say goodbye to my website in it’s previous incarnation and make way for the new, rapidly approaching on the horizon.

So no worries, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll just be coming to you in some new, exciting ways.  And I want to give you a  happy heads up about it all.    

Next week we’ll be revealing a brand new site that I hope you will adore. There will be some new benefits for you.  I worked long and hard with my web designer to organize the information here at the plant-based fitness blog so that you can find  your way around more easily.   The feedback you gave me in the survey responses a few months ago were very helpful.   You told me you loved the rich resources and opportunities here yet would like it to be easier to find your way to the specific options and support with the food, the fitness, and the frame of mind (aka The 3 Pillars).  We’ll have some new navigation options put in place to help out.  And the hundreds of articles from the past few years will be archived and easily accessible.

The Book

Just one short year ago I was approached by my ever-loving publisher, Penguin/Alpha books, to do ‘something’ with the assembly of goodies that had been gathering at lanimuelrath.com.  And now here we are about one year later, shooting the official book trailer for Fit Quickies:  5 Minute Targeted Body-Shaping Workouts.  (That’s a behind-the-scenes snapshot of last weeks studio production above).

I haven’t told you this before, but Penguin acquisitions had looked around my website and what they called my internet influence and knew they wanted me to write for them, but they weren’t sure  where they wanted me to start. Would it be the Woman’s Fitness BluePrint?  Fit Quickies?  Boot Camp Mind?  Plant-based fitness?

So when they decided on starting with a Fit Quickies focus, I said fine – as long as it can include all Three Pillars:  the fitness, the food, and the frame of mind.  And you know what?  They said “Yes!  Fine!  Excellent!”  Which is a good thing because, between you and me, I couldn’t have it any other way. The three are so inextricably bound with my message – and personal success – that any guide to healthy fitness must, in my opinion, address all three.

Back to the Future

Seeing as this may be the very last blog post in the present website design at lanimuelrath.com, this morning I decided to take a look back to see what the very first blog post was.  And guess what it was?  Dec 21, 2008 – almost 4 years exactly to today – I published “A Flat Belly in 7 Seconds”.  Fit Quickies #1 my friend!  How fitting is that?

A quick look at my You Tube channel shows now almost 72,000 views of that one start-up video.  And surprise surprise, it also revealed a hi-jacked version of my video – shot at home in my office – on another person’s You Tube channel with 11,000 hits!  They have actually taken my video in its entirety, clipped off the introduction and the close (with my name and video title), and published it as “A flat stomach in 2 weeks:  in this video I share a great tip to get a more flat stomach in 7 seconds”.  Interesting!  Evidently my name is now susan b.!  The good news is that perhaps 11,000 more people than wouldn’t have had this flat belly power tip before now do ;-).

But I digress.  That one exercise and short video – “7 Seconds to a Flat Belly – ( with the wheelbarrow in the background on the deck) was a landmark event and messenger of change.

Celebrating the new

It’s cause to celebrate as we welcome this bright new chapter – and how perfect is the timing with the welcoming of a new year!  There’s never been a better time  to take control of your health and create the body, energy, and vitality you’ve always wanted.   The year ahead will bring you more support than ever.  My calendar is filling  fast with speaking engagements, blog tours, book tours, and media interviews.  And I’ll give you as much advance notice about all of it as I can.

For today, I want to leave you with my deepest thanks for your companionship on this healthy, happy and fit journey. You’ve built this community as much as I have, and I am honored as ever by your company.

Talk soon and I’ll let you know the minute our new look is ready!


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