My Body Transformation Secrets Call January 31

My Body Transformation Secrets Call January 31 Transcript and Notes

F.R.E.E. Training Call: My Body Transformation Secrets:
How You Can Easily, Consistently And Confidently Live
Your Body Ideal, Create A Simple Workout Schedule and Food Plan, So You Never Have To Worry About Your Weight Or Body
Shape Again”

BTBC_Feb2011_CountdownCall Recording

Welcome to the call everyone!  This is Lani Muelrath, creator of Fit Quickies, Woman’s Fitness Blueprint, and the Body Transformation Formula .   Thank you for coming to the call and I’m  very honored  that you’ve taken the time from a busy busy schedule to come to the call tonight.  It says a lot about your commitment to be your best that you are HERE.  And even if you are listening to this later after the call, this is true as well.

Thank you also for your very lively responses  to the Body Transformation Booty Camp Countdown video series.  And for your messages in response to the Special Announcement letter I sent out just a few days ago, announcing this Exclusive Training call.

It’s not surprising to me that the videos and the letter have struck a chord because the women who I cross paths with in my business more and more are those who connect with and respond to my core message:

That when you focus on YOU and your well being, you show up more powerfully in the rest of your life.

Honestly, think about this:  If you had more energy, stamina and confidence in your own skin, how much more confident would you be as a partner, parent, business owner, employee, or friend? What is holding you back in the other areas of your life of money, business, family and your purpose?

By purpose, I mean your unique gift.  The presents of your presence in the world.

Ok, let’s review what I promised for our special training call tonight:: I hope you have pen and paper or notebooks handy, because there will be a lot to take notes on and I’m going to ask you to jot some thoughts down later as well.     On tonight’s call, I’ll tell you:

  • 1)  Why you need to get clear on what you want with your body  shape and fitness.
  • 2)  How to create a simple, easy-to-follow workout rotation that literally gets you moving closer to your best shape with
    each workout
  • 3)  How to create easy-to-implement systems for your energizing,  fat loss food plan – I’ll give you  a specific tool that I use that you can use
  • 4)  More on my Instant Body Shaping Expert Strategy:   I’m going to teach you one of my most effective, top-notch moves for  giving your ‘back yard’ an amazing shape.  I call it “stand-up seat” because you not only do it standing up, but it makes your SEAT stand up as well.
    • 5) And of course, I’ll give you all the details about the upcoming  Body Transformation Booty Camp.  I’ll have some very valuable,  FAST ACTION Bonus gifts that you won’t want to miss out on -.
      And knowing how my Booty Camps fill,  these may well be  snapped up during the course of the call alone.


    Before we get into the juicy content of tonight’s call, To get us in a possibility frame of mind, we’re going to start  with imagination – the same vision I invited you to explore with your imagination in the letter I sent.  Then, I’ll deliver all of the content I promised.

    First, let’s arrive on the call.  Please bring all of your attention to our connection here.  Turn off your computer and phone,  no  email checking,  no texts….just us, here, now.  If you’re driving that’s a whole other thing and of course take care!

    Take a slow, full, gentle breath in.  Pause at the top of the breath, pull in a little bit more, and then slowly let the breath out.  Again, breath in, breath out.   Now wiggle a little bit side to side on your sitz bones, connect with the chair.  Let your face become completely smooth.  Relax.


    I want to take you on a little journey through your imagination.

    Close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine that you are

    living your body ideal.  Where you have the physical confidence

    and slender figure of your dreams

    Imagine that each and every day you enjoy a figure of which

    you are proud. Color in the details.  What are you wearing?  How does it feel, physically?

    How does it feel energetically?  What do your legs, waist, and upper body feel like?  How do you move?

    Imagine that you have the vitality to be more productive

    and lighter on your feet than ever before.

    Imagine enjoying freedom from your weight and energy ‘problem’.

    What would it be like to live like that?  With your fitness challenges

    overcome so that you can live bigger and better than ever before?

    Again, here’s how I see it.  Our bodies are our vehicles for our expression

    in the world.  For us to most effectively bring our unique gifts forward.

    To not cultivate our body ideal, vitality and physical confidence is to

    undercut our potential, to stop short, to be less than.

    Now imagine that you can finally achieve that ideal faster and easier

    than ever before. Imagine how secure you feel knowing that you have

    all the tools you need to be successful at being your best shape so that

    you simply don’t have to worry about struggling to find the solution

    ever again. Imagine eating more than you ever have before and creating

    unbelievable results in your fitness.
    Now open your eyes. Feels amazing, right?

    So why isn’t this your reality yet?

    More than likely, you’re not focusing enough on the simple

    basics of food, activity, and mindset. But you know what?

    It’s not your fault. There’s so much to learn and do, it seems,

    when it comes to fitness! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused.

    In your heart, you know that something has to change for you to realize your body ideal, your best.  And yet often, fear of change is so deep that you desperately cling to the world you know.

    It’s surprising, isn’t it?  And yet on this call tonight you are going to be inspired to make some changes to move your vision forward.  Because that’s what I do – I connect you with your vision and share with you the tools that have been so brilliantly successful for me.  Don’t you already feel how you’ve inspired yourself by connecting with your ideal?

    I’ve got great news for you. Here’s what I believe with all my heart:

    ANYONE with the right fitness and mindset tools can create the ideal,  high-caliber body of their dreams, surpass their previous goals, and have  plenty of time and energy to enjoy it all.
    I’ve done it. And you will do it too.  Notice I didn’t say you CAN do it.  Anyone can.  It’s those who WILL that actually arrive.  As I said in Video #3, there are those who are interested in creating something new and those who are committed to it.  If  we are merely interested, we’ll do what is convenient.  If we’re committed, we’ll do what it takes, and invest the necessary resources in ourselves.

    You don’t need luck. You don’t need to have a bunch of special  equipment, supplements, sprays, or special diet foods. It doesn’t  matter what you look like, where you live, or what you do.

    Realizing your body ideal is within reach for you.  You have every reason to have an attitude of positive expectation, optimism, and belief in your ability to succeed.

    And this is VERY exciting!

    As we move through tonight’s call, I want you to keep that sense of anticipation, joy, and faith in your heart.  Think big,  think huge potential, and let’s have some fun!

    Before moving on, a quick reminder that I come to you bearing the gifts of years of experience and training with all about which I speak.  14 years ago, I abandoned my many-decades long diet and exercise lifestyle that had me eating less, exercizing more, and gaining weight anyway.  It’s actually embarrassing all the diets and gimmicks I tried, because I knew better but I was desparate for an answer.  Finally, one day 14 years ago after another long day at work and an hour and a half at the gym, I arrived  home famished, tired, and deeply discouraged about the whole mess.  I decided at that time that there must be a better way.  A way to eat when I was hungry, be reasonably active, and also be trim.  Why did it all have to be so much work.  I live in the mountains and there is wildlife all around me – I’d see the squirrels on my deck and they weren’t counting their grams of carbs and protein!  Neither were the deer.  And it wasn’t like they didn’t have enough to eat, as a matter of fact it seemed they ate all day long.  This gave me hope.

    And another very important piece for me was that I also knew no matter what happened, that I needed a complete overhaul with regards to my relationship with food, eating, and my body.  I knew that to get where I really wanted to go, it was going to take a different mindset to get me there.  And that is, really, where it started.   It’s why I had you start tonight’s call with a exploring and creating your vision.  Because lack of clarity, indecision, and waffling about what you want is what keeps you stuck, procrastinating, and the same place you were a week ago, a month ago, a year ago, 5 years ago.

    To fast forward on my story, I eventually dropped 50 lbs from where I was at my highest weight and have kept that off for 12 years now, actually becoming even leaner in the last couple of years. My tools have become honed and sharpened over time and have delivered what I set out to achieve – not only fat loss, body shaping, and fitness, but a totally different relationship with food, eating, and my body.  I call it fitness freedom.  And it all started with my vision of where I wanted to be, what I wanted my body ideal to look, feel, and be like.  And it’s developed into what I now call The Body Transformation Formula.  Because a formula is a specific, isn’t it?  A, plus B, plus C = D.  And that’s how well this works.

    Which brings us right into our content items:

    • 1)  Why is it important to get clear on what you want with your body
      shape and fitness?

    It’s not only important, it’s essential.  Being fit, shapely, and energetic are not ends in themselves.   Think about it.  When you say you want to have more energy, why is that?   When you say you want to lose an inch off your waist, or drop 2 sizes in your jeans, what are you really saying you want?

    First assignment;  in your notes right now, quickly list the first things that come to your mind as what you would do if you had more energy, your slender body, your weight or body shaping ‘problem’ non-existent.   What would it mean?  How would it play itself out in your day-to-day life?

    For example, for me, this was always being able to wear whatever I wanted from my closet and feel comfortable, to feel trim through the middle so that my midriff was not bulging down over my beltline – which it did for years.

    If this is difficult for you to do, you can approach it from the standpoint of what you would like to be absent from your experience – the things that you DON’T want.

    Here is my challenge for you.  After the call, tomorrow, and in the days ahead, examine this exercise.  I want you to do this because it will give you a lot of information about why you may be feeling frustrated, or stuck.   There is a way out of the mess.  Yet awareness about how clear you are on where you want to go and why is going to be the first step toward lasting success.


    • 2)  I promised to tell you how to create a simple, easy-to-follow workout rotation
      that literally gets you moving closer to your best shape with
      each workout.

    Got your pencils handy?  It’s really quite simple.  You need to challenge your muscles and stoke your metabolism and make your heart and lungs work hard.   To achieve this, you need 3 types of workout in your rotation:

    1)   Compound muscle work for wellness, function, and overall strength and musculature.  This can be any kind of resistance training that challenges you to do multi-joint moves AND makes you work hard.  A multi- joint move does just that – it works 2 or more joints in the process.  Squats for example, work 3 – hips, knees, and ankles.  Pushups work shoulders, elbows, wrists.  These kinds of moves are great overall trainers.

    2)  Isolation and overload.  I went into this in depth in Booty Camp Countdown video #2, so watch that if you haven’t yet had a chance.  Here’s the thing.  Though compound exercises are great for overall shape and strength, they don’t necessarily bring the smaller muscles into play that are still very important for body shaping.  You know the muscles I’m talking about:  inner thigh, lower abs, back of the waist, corner of the seat.  Once I started to incorporate giving these muscles due attention, my body shifted subtly yet dramatically into a new shape.  My seat lifted,  the back of my waist took on a whole new streamlined look, and my inner thighs got a whole new feel, for starters.  This is why I encourage women who really want a dancer-like look and grace to their body to invest time in targeted body shapers.  This is the driving force behind my Fit Quickies.

    3)  Cardio, my favorite of which is Burst Training which is what my Free Fitness Breakthrough Kit is all about.  SO if you haven’t downloaded that , do that right away because I have provided you with lots of details about how and why to implement that in your rotation. Burst Training has a very dramatic impact on your Body Composition, or your fat-to-lean ratio.

    How to put it together?  It’s simple.  2x a week compound muscle workout, 2x a week targeted body shapers, 2 times a week Burst training.  You can do more, if you want, and you want to take the time.  And some workouts qualify for both Compound and targeted shapers, because of the different activities within the workout itself.  And of course, if you are training for something sports specific, that is a whole other consideration.  I am telling you all you need for getting a great shape, energy, and graceful beauty with the least amount of time.  This is the workout schedule that we implement in my Booty Camps, and depending on what YOUR favorite workouts are, I work with you to figure out which is what kind of workout with whatever you bring to the table.

    • 3)  How to create easy-to-implement systems for your energizing,
      fat loss food plan – I’ll give you  a specific tool that I use that you can use

    The good news is that you don’t have to count, weigh, or measure to eat in a way that gives you the slim, energetic body of your dreams.  Remember when I said that that was in my vision?  I was SO burned out on macronutrients and calorie counting.  And yes, you can be very disciplined and have some degree of success that way.  I’m guessing that you have not necessarily had a lot, though, as you are on this call.

    I’m going to share with you 2 of my ultra-simple food systems for staying lean, energetic and healthy.

    1)  Fat loss Food plan System #1: I eat foods with fiber.  That means that everything I eat has natural fiber, with very little exception.  Condiments and beverages are the exception.  And I try to make it happen that no more than 10% of my calories each day come from those sources.

    2) Fat loss Food plan system #2 I make sure that there are always, ALWAYS vegetables ready to eat in the fridge and a pot of rice, barley or some other whole grain, leftover potatoes or sweet potatoes, corn, squash, or other starchy vegetable.  This way I can be sure that I’ll be able to follow my first rule of eating:  eat when hungry and stop when you’re full – with the foods that keep me trim –( see system #1.)

    There are more important and helpful systems, but we don’t have time for more now – I wanted to share this with you so you could See how simple this is. It’s a dream to live with, easy to follow, and keeps me trim.  I like to keep things as simple and easy as possible

    • 4)  More on my Instant Body Shaping Expert Strategy:
      I’m going to teach you one of my most effective, top-notch moves for
      giving your ‘back yard’ an amazing shape.  I call it “stand-up seat” because you not only do it standing up, but it makes your SEAT stand up as well.

    Here is where I taught “Stand Up Seat” (listen to the recording for this!)

    NOW let’s get to the details of the Body Transformation Booty Camp!

    This weekend LOTS of details were added to the Countdown Video page , which I’ll share with you now.  I’m going to describe to you everything that is included in the program, FAST ACTION bonuses, and how you can sign up to take advantage of these bonus offers which are going to be snapped up quickly.

    Body T BC is a 3-week program whereby you can work closely in a team with me to immerse yourself in my fundamental Body Transformation Tools.

    Body Transformation Booty Camp with Lani Muelrath, M.A.:
    How To Transform Your Body & Energy in 21 Days

    When: February 21 – March 11, 2011
    From anywhere, via online and TeleClass or Webcast connection, in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

    My passion is giving you the benefit of all my years of experience and research so that you can save yourself years of struggle, pain, and agony about your body shape so that you can leap forward to achieving your body ideal.

    Between you and me, there’s no reason you need to go through the years of studying, searching, and experimenting to find the simplest, most direct, least complex pathway to your body ideal.

    Do you too know the misery of  the “too much”?  Too much weight combined with too much hunger and too much exercise.  Too much information and not having a clue where to start  to get you where you want to go.

    It’s a devastating combination and does not get you any closer to your body ideal.  Does this sound familiar?

    Just a few years ago (see Video #1) I was working out more, eating less, and not getting any closer to being slim, let alone having a better relationship with food, eating and my body.

    As a matter of fact, I was just getting fatter.

    That all changed 14 years ago when I shifted my mindset, stopped going hungry and quit overexercising.   At that moment  I knew something had to change.  It was either find a better way or just stay fat.

    I was determined to find a better way.  And I did.
    Looking back, I see that what I created was a simple formula –
    a Body Transformation Formula™

    The Body Transformation Booty Camp

    The Body Transformation Booty Camp is a 3-week immersion strategy.  You will implement a whole arsenal of tools from my Body Transformation Formula.

    Over and over again, women typically drop 5 lbs and an inch off their waist during Booty Camp.  That’s why it made my headlines.  Many experience more changes, and everyone emerges with better energy, a greater sense of control, and clear guidelines for moving forward to continuing success.

    This  Body Transformation Booty Camp session is jam packed with specific guidelines for your  food and eating plan and your workout schedule.

    And strategies for shifting your mindset about it all.

    I’ve taken all the thinking out of it so all you need do is arrive, be present, and play hard.

    Together, let’s accelerate your progress.

    MORE Features:

    • Kickstart Call: A recording you will receive BEFORE Booty Camp to help you prepare your workouts, your kitchen, your ATTITUDE!  Go in like a winner!
    • Three Training and Q and A calls during our event with personal responses from me to your questions of implementation of  the Body Transformation tools. You won’t want to miss, but if for some reason you can’t make the call, a replay will be available for a you after the call.  $75 value each =
    • Private online Forum connection with everyone else in the course – and me – through my CR Teacher Area.
    • Daily motivation, education, and inspiration
    • Food plan
    • Workout plan

    Together, these features create a powerful strategy for you because they bring to the table 3 essential elements:

    1)  a simple food strategy

    2)  a simple workout strategy

    3)  mindset is ever-addressed;  as a matter of fact, it is considered pivotal to your success, something that most fitness approaches out there today are simply missing

    4)  the all-important element of support and accountability is present.  Connecting with community has been statistically shown to be of highest importance when it comes to follow-through to change.  You’ll have that, PLUS you have access to me each and every day.

    Honestly, nowhere else will you find the kind of interaction with the team leader and coach as I provide on my programs, and this one is no exception.  I have personally enrolled in group programs that cost literally 10 times more than this one and the coach has never, ever been as present and interactive with your questions as I am.  Ask anyone who has been in my programs in the past –

    The 3 week program focus: I take all the thinking out of it so all you need to do is get your heart and mind in gear, show up, and play BIG.

    1) Simple, easy-to-follow food guidelines provided. High fiber, plant strong, whole foods.  You can jump all the way into Fast Track level or start out as an Apprentice and work your way up.  NOTE:  A diet will not be prescribed, but clarification on the problems presented with high fat/high sugar processed foods discussed and support provided with maximizing whole foods in dietary plans.  The goal is to optimize your body composition goals, enjoy what you eat, and never go hungry =).

    2)  Mindset for success. “Change your mind, change your body, change your life.” ~ Lani (that’s me motto!)

    3)  Clear, easy to follow workout rotation guidelines with the workouts YOU like.  I’ll provide the framework, and together we’ll figure out how you can utilize your favorite routines to maximize your results.

    4)  Goal setting strategies and protocol: the SMART system:   goals should be

    5)   Psychology: addressing the power of self-talk, negative and positive.  Cultivating positive body image through vision.

    Body Transformation Booty Camp Toolkit:

    1. The McDougall Weight Loss Dietary Plan: as Fitness Expert for the McDougall Health and Medical Center, I gain you access to deep resources of information, research and strategies to support your leap into this simple, satisfying, food lover’s eating solution.
    2. Burst Training: also known as High Intensity Interval Training, this time-saving, lean-generating activity tool is one of my secret weapons for staying lean and energetic – and did I mention in minimal time? See your FR*EE Fitness Breakthrough Kit HERE.
    3. Isolation Overloads: Target deeply the muscles that are most responsible for a beautiful shape to the body – yet most neglected in our daily activity! Functional fitness and comprehensive exercises can drive us right past these important shapers as stronger muscles take over the workload and leave these beautifiers in the dust. Fit Quickies™ are designed exactly for this purpose.
    4. Any comprehensive workout of your choice: Pick your favorite(s) from a long list of muscle-challenging activity styles: Fit Quickies™ Express Circuit*, Supersets, Bar Method, weight training, Pilates, T-Tapp, strength Yoga, body weight exercises. The key is challenge to large musculature that pushes your strength limits. Be sure it includes flexibility training/stretching.  I’ll help you figure out how it all fits into the Booty Camp plan.
    5. Walking. For fun and stress reduction.

    “I bought some new clothes a month ago, and already they are too big!”

    “I’ve been trying to lose this weight for years without success. I thought I was doing things right before .  But no matter what workouts I did, and sticking to what I thought was a diet designed to help me lose weight, I wasn’t.

    ~ Patsy Tobis J. Sayles Design West Des Moines, Iowa.

    The Body Transformation Booty Camp:

    How To Transform Your Body, Energy, and Mind in 21 Days

    In addition to 24 hour  access to me via our online course area (aka Booty Camp “Locker Room”), you will also receive 4 Teleclasses from me:

    Body Transformation Booty Camp Call #1:  Winner’s Circle Kickstart & Countdown
    You will receive this recording in advance of our session so that you can hit the ground running!

    1. Inspirations: The 2 big ones behind the Body Transformation Booty Camp
    2. Details and overview of the Body Transformation Booty Camp course area, our official meeting area and “locker room”.
    3. The Body Transformation Booty Camp 10-point checklist so you can set the stage for
    4. Important details about the Booty Camp workout rotation
    5. More details about Burst Training, your important time-saving, body shape boosting, energizing cardio tool

    Body Transformation Booty Camp Call #2:  How to Make Your Booty Camp Experience Sizzle With Success
    Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 5:00 p.m. Pacific

    1. Discover the 3 Fs and why they are critical to achieving your goals
    2. Unlock the secrets to food plan success
    3. The 3 elements that absolutely must be in place for you to get what you want
    4. Q and A with me – let’s talk about it in REAL time!

    Body Transformation Booty Camp Call #3:  How to Make Your Booty Camp Experience Sizzle With Success
    Monday, February 28, 2011, 5:00 p.m. Pacific

    1. How to Turn Off Your Fat Genes
    2. Q and A with me – let’s talk about it in REAL time!

    Body Transformation Booty Camp Call #4: Being Here Now While  Looking Ahead
    Monday, March 7, 2011, 5:00 p.m. Pacific

    1. The Truth About Emotional Eating
    2. Taking your Body Transformation plan forward
    3. Q and A with me – let’s talk about it in REAL time!


    Bonus #1:  DAILY AUDIOS: Daily motivational and instructional audios direct from ME to YOU.  Yes, that’s one each of the 21 days.  A powerful connecting tool.  Here is a partial listing of topics you will hear:

      • Have you decided?
      • Maximizing targeted body shapers
      • Believing in your body
      • Cravings and habits
      • Get out of your comfort zone
      • Why most diets fail
      • What is the cost of not changing?
      • The carbohydrate window trick
      • Hunger and fullness
      • Intuitive eating:  does it work?
      • Look for the quiver
      • …and more

    Bonus #2: Individual Goals Planner and Guide:  Strategize for success based on your individual goals.

    Bonus #3: 21- day Day-by-Day Plan:  Day -by-day planning guide for the Booty Camp experience

    No-Brainer FAST ACTION Bonuses for the first to register:  To be announced on the January 31 call, when registration begins! (BE on that call!)

    1:  for the first 10

    • FOUR Body Transformation Booty Camp Teleclasses/Webcasts
      Value: $400
    • Private online Forum connection with everyone else in the course
      Value: $125
    • Daily motivation, education, and inspiration with my coach Lani in the online course area with all of my questions answered
      Value: $500
    • Food plan and workout plan
      Value: $200
    • Total Value: Over $1,200

    BONUS Items

    • Bonus #1: 21 Daily coaching audios
      Value:  $200
    • Bonus  #2: Individual Goals Planner and Guide
      Value:  $100
    • Bonus #3: 21- Day Daily Guide
      Value:  $100
    • Bonus #4: Download of Fit Quickie #9, “Stand-up Seat” Tutorial Video
      Value:  $30
    • No Brainer Bonus: The first 10 people to register receive a 30 minute personal, one-on-one body transformation strategy phone session with Lani Muelrath.
      Value:  $100
    • No Brainer Bonus #2: The 11th- 30th person to register win a seat on a small group (no more than 5) Body Transformation Mastermind Call with Lani Muelrath.
      Value:  $100
    • The private strategy session with Lani Muelrath alone is valued at $200.00/hour.  This bonus alone practically cuts the cost of entire course in half!
    • Total Bonus Value: Over $530.00

    My Personal Happiness Guarantee

    As always, I stand behind my work with a satisfaction guarantee.

    I am so certain that you are going to love this session – plus all the information and tools you will have access to (as well as to me as your coach!) that if, after the first TeleClass of the  Body Transformation Booty Camp, you do not feel that you have gotten even more than you bargained for, simply contact my office before Call #3 and let me know. I’ll return every cent you invested. You MUST be present on that first call, however – because I know you are going to love it!

    • CONTENT: Jam- packed
    • FAST ACTION and No-Brainer Sing-up Bonuses (be on that call!)
    • GRAB the best seats before prices jump – 72 hours from the time of the Countdown Call

    Here are the links to the Booty Camp information and registration.

    Thank you SO much for coming to the call!


    Copyright 2011  Lani Muelrath – All Rights Reserved

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