Fit Quickie #9, "Higher Assets" targets the gluteal and hamstring muscles for beautiful shape.

Fit Quickie #9 – “Higher Assets” – targets the gluteal muscles for beautiful shape. Image: Fit Quickies:  5 Minute Targeted Body Shaping Workouts

There are lots of exercises that target the “backyard”, as I like to call that beautiful assembly of muscles known as the gluteals.

Yet regardless of which specific training exercises you employ, there are four very important reasons that – bottom line – you need to just DO them – and keep those gluteals in gear.

4 reasons you need to get your glutes in gear

Most people – both women and men – have weak gluteal muscles. With all of the sitting that we do these days, these muscles have become overstretched and deconditioned. This can translate to poor shape, reduced resiliency, compromised strength, diminished body power, back pain, and collapsed posture.


1)  Gluteals are at the top of the list for muscles that are responsible for creating beautiful body shape. The glutes actually come in a team of 3: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. When exercised correctly, from various angles and with targeted overload, amazing things can happen. Combine with a simple, easy-to-design fat loss dietary plan, and before long you just may not recognize yourself in the rear-view mirror.
2) Strong gluteals help prevent back pain
Undeveloped gluteals not only leave us with deflated shape in the backside, it also contributes to back pain. What you may not know is that gluteals are actually a part of your core muscles. This means that your glutes form a foundation of support for the your entire upper body. And when that foundation is weak, everything else starts to topple.
3) Exercising the gluteal muscles acts as an instant invigorator
Whenever you’re experiencing an energy slump, inertia, or some other vague sort of “just don’ wanna!” you’ll find that if you invest just 5 minutes – or less – in firing up the gluteals, you will be instantly invigorated and ready to get back in the game. That means increased vitality and more productivity – now.
When you place a workload on the glutes, as they are such large muscles, challenging them places such a demand on the circulatory system that you will get a rapid, big surge of oxygen through your body in response. That means more energy for YOU. Leave it to that oxygen delivery.
4) Gluteal muscle density burns calories at a premium
Whenever you engage these big burners in exercise you dip into calorie stores in one of the most effective ways possible. That’s because actually WORKING muscle is what creates a boost in the metabolic rate – not just having muscle.
Developing gluteal muscle density and working these muscles creates a win – win situation, kind of a success loop. And when you are a busy person in quest of a better body, multiplying your calorie-burning power in this simple way puts you at a distinct metabolic advantage.

How to get your glutes going TODAY

If you’ve been neglecting your gluteals, dig out your favorite glute-challenging exercises – lunges, squats, dead-lifts are good examples  – dust them off, and start to do them several times a week.

And if you’re looking for more, no less than 5 of the exercises in Fit Quickies:  5 Minute Targeted Body-Shaping Workouts are devoted to the glutes:

  • Fit Quickie #13, Super-Shaper Split Squat (page 159)
  • Fit Quickie #4, Gorgeous Glutes and Hamstrings (page 69)
  • Fit Quickie #9, Higher Assets (page 125)
  • Fit Quickie #5, Topless Muffins (page 79)
  • Fit Quickie #8, Tush Tightener (page 115)

Alone or paired up, this foursome will let you know exactly where those gluteals are.  And for a real backyard boost, take 15 minutes and put them together into one power-packed workout.  Start with Fit Quickie #10, Legs Into Play (page 137) .  Then complete the Fit Quickies listed above, or any combination thereof, and watch those gluteals sit up and take notice.

Make gluteal work a central and essential element, featured in every one of your workouts, and you’ll discover a whole new level of body strength and shape. And that transfers to better body power, improved posture, dynamic energy and greater physical confidence. You’ll never look back.


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