Vegetarian diets come in all shapes and sizes.

But there are some things they all have in common, including the vegetarian diet that Alanis Morrisette follows:

  1. vegetable content in the diet is increased – in some cases drastically, especially for those who have considered ketchup and iceberg lettuce condiments as their “veggies”.
  2. meat and animal products are slashed – and eliminated
  3. fiber content jumps BIG time – a side effect of the increase in content in a plant-based diet

We’re all familiar with yo-yo weight on our movie and rock stars.

Yet it’s always refreshing when they turn to nutritious food solutions and exercise instead of pills or potions for weight loss.

Alanis claims her new routine not (just?) about weight loss or vanity.

Alanis: I started with eating disorders since I was real young and almost every woman I know has been influenced by society’s standards of what is sexual and powerful and aesthetically perfect and it can really kill your self-esteem and completely ruin your relationship with your body which is for me becoming a more profound relationship the older I get.

Alanis hooked up with Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of Eat to Live, to fine tune her approach that helped her drop 20 pounds.

Dr. Fuhrman: The diet I recommend is much more promotion of long life, heart attack protection, reduction of cancer risk, and prevention of dementia and strokes, in other words it’s much more aggressive as far as disease protection.

Morissette also added “a little something called exercise” back into the mix.

Amazing what a lot of good eating and a little exercise can do!

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