Baked apples on brown rice waffles – the perfect Christmas breakfast

Mom taught me to make a mean baked apple.  The gently growing cinnamon sweet scent of it all as they baked slowly in the oven – unbeatable.

Simple enough to make.  Core the apples, fill the empty center with raisins and cinnamon, put a little water in the bottom of the pan and pop into the oven.

At the same time, we had to constantly monitor to make sure the pan didn’t dry out too much and burn the apples.  And the sniff of burning raisins told us we’d better check in on the project and make some adjustments.

Easy baked apples

I’ve found the perfect solution to the baked-apple challenge that allows me to enjoy one of Mom’s specialties without having to sign off on my demand that cooking be simple and easy with delish results.  If these things matter to you too, then I’ve got the perfect answer when it comes to baked apples.

Enter the rice cooker!  Here’s what  I did:

1)  Cored the apples (don’t even need a fancy took, just used a paring knife)

2)  Sprinkled cinnamon in the center, then put 2 dates in each apple center

3)  Put the apples in the rice cooker and added about 1/2 inch of water

Then all I did was turn the rice cooker on and in about 25 minutes, voila!

These proved to be the perfect topper for this morning’s brown rice waffles.  Your favorite waffle or pancake will do – I’m just partial to my brown rice waffles because of the extra crunch they deliver.  To make the brown rice waffles, you can use my easy whole grain pancake recipe which you have easy access to  in the  Plant-Based Blueprint – it’s in the Sampler version, too, downloadable as a gift from the welcome box in the site banner at the top of this page.  Just replace half of the whole wheat flour for brown rice flour.

The only thing to be watchful of is to check the apples so they don’t get too mushed out.  Rice cookers are designed to trigger finished when grains are cooked, and they don’t have the band width to figure out how this translates to fruit.  No worries, just check the apples in 20 minutes or so to check their progress and cook to desired degree of done.

Baked apples for dessert

Dessert has usually been where I put the baked apple course.  The breakfast inspiration came as a default.  Two nights previous I had the apples all prepared for a baked apple dessert – and then the power went out for two days.  When it came on again in the middle of the night, as I arrived in the kitchen this morning it occurred to me – why not cook them NOW?  Hopefully you and yours will soon benefit from the creativity our power outtage inspired.

Have you a twist on baking apples to tell about?  Or another favorite Christmas breakfast to share?  I’d love to hear about it in comments below.  And if you try the rice-cooker baked apple method, let me know how it goes.  Maybe a new twist.  Add some lemon zest?  I know, cardamom on with the cinnamon!

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