As much as I enjoy working out with weights and other toys of the trade, there’s nothing like having a whole arsenal of exercises that only require the use of your own body weight to keep you challenged.

And as a world traveler, this is something I need to have in my fitness toolkit!  For even though my travels often take me on active hiking, scuba, or walking ventures, there are other times when I need to be sure I keep up a muscle challenge so I stay fit.

There are several choices in this realm, I’m going to feature two of my favorites today.  The T-Tapp Wellness Workout and Turbulence Training Body Weight Workouts.

Both of these programs provide you with a challenging workout that you do not need to get to the gym to experience.  They both also have “bootcamp” features, signifying intense windows of opportunity to jumpstart your fitness.

And by the way, they both offer great workouts for not only travel, but any time, anywhere.

T-Tapp Wellness Workout Bootcamps

T-Tapp gets its curious name (no, it’s not about tap dancing) from its creator, Teresa Tapp.  It is what I like to call a physical therapy approach to fitness, and no special equipment other than sturdy shoes are required to do it.

T-Tapp moves you through a series of movements that are specific in sequence.  And it utilizes body alignment, dynamic tension, isometrics, and compound (using lots of muscles at once)  exercises.  It’s movements are reminiscent, and incorporate principles common to other disciplines such as yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, martial arts, calisthenics, dance, Callanetics, and gynmastics.

The best place to start with T-Tapp is with the Total Workout or Basic Workout Plus;  there is also a T-Tapp More program for those with deeper rehabilitation needs.  All of these sequences can be utilized in a 4, 7, 10, or 14-day bootcamp.

One of the best things about T-Tapp is that as comprehensive as it is, you can do the entire routine in a small space – you only need enough room to extend your arms and legs in all directions!  For more about T-Tapp, pop on over to

Turbulence Training Bodyweight Bootcamps

Calisthenics on steroids? Well, maybe not but we have a close second!

Turbulence Training has resistance programs using weights, BUT there is also a whole fleet of workouts using just body weight exercises.

AND Turbulence Training has just come out with a new combination of body weight workouts combined into a bootcamp style regimen.  There’s even a promo sale going on through midnight April 20 with $20 off if you’re quick!  Here’s the link:  Turbulence Training Bodyweight Bootcamps.

Turbulence Training uses a unique complimentary system of alternating large groups of muscles while you keep up a pace that keeps you challenged.  There are many similarities to Super Set training and utilizes that style with both its dumbbell and body weight exercises.

Each of these programs stands on its own – and compliments the other.  What’s YOUR preference?  Tell me about it in comments below!

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