Burst Training, Oregon beach style, with yours truly

Remember, this one can be done anywhere. Even while traveling.

As long as you’ve got 2 working legs, no excuses. I”m talking about Burst Training.

Burst Training is one of the most effective, least complicated workout routines for women who are busy yet want to stay fit. (For a complete tutorial and schedule on how to do Burst Training, see my FREE Fitness Breakthrough kit you can download here.)

For me, Burst Training usually means a 15 minute quickie on my stationary bike.

Lucky me to blast through this routine for a change in barefoot freedom on the sand while here in Cannon Beach, Oregon. Two days in a row.

Bursts Finito!

It Started As A Walk

My sisters and I, while on brief beach holiday, have been hitting the beach for a walk after an early breakfast to catch the salt air, get in some good exercise, and generally squeeze some solid play time in at the start of the day.

By our second day, inspiration propelled my legs into Bursts on the beach. 120 footfalls at max speed til I was winded, followed by about 2 minutes of easy walking to recover. Another sprint. Recovery. And so on. Perfect.

More Outdoor Girl Shenanigans

After a lunch of grilled portobellos with potatoes and a pile of veggies, we drove north to find a trail high above the Pacific cliffs. We traversed a solid 3 mile loop, and turning from the steep climb to drop back toward the shore, with stunning views through the evergreens to the beach below.

Stunning views through the evergreens to the beach below.

In the distance, where I'd started the day with the footfalls of running.

What about you? How’s your Burst Training going? Any place is game.

  • Trails.
  • Tracks
  • Sidewalks.
  • Dirt paths.
  • Pools.
  • Bikes.
  • Elliptical machines.
  • Treadmills.

OK, I admit it, the beach sexes the whole thing up.

But the effect on your body and mind, anywhere, is the same. Energy soars. Sleep is sweet. Your metabolism gets stoked to a premium.

Please tell me about YOUR Burst Training method in below.

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