A physician friend, healthy as a thoroughbred and enviously slim, tells me he has one primary rule of eating:

“I eat fiber”.

This is his rule of thumb for food choices.  And upon close examination, it’s a powerful tool you too can use to up the quality of your diet, decrease your caloric load, and lose weight.

Low on the food chain and high on fiber

The food chain, or pyramid, progresses from producers to herbivores to primary carnivores to secondary carnivores.

Each time we go a step up the pyramid, two things happen:

  1. the fiber content of the food decreases.  As a result the ratio of  fat content goes up, and caloric value increases.  Which translates to more availability of calories for you body to store for that rainy day.
  2. the potential toxicity in terms of chemicals environmental pollutants increases.  This is a whole other matter.

None of this may be news to you.

But I find it alarming how many people really are unaware of, or have forgotten about, this simple progression.

The apple is eaten by the deer which is eaten by the mountain lion which is….

It’s information that is of huge value if you want to decrease body fat stores.  And it doesn’t take complex calculations or  a chart of points equivalency to make an impact on your body composition and making dietary choices that support your fat loss goals.

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