Big huge holiday thanks to everyone for the tremendous and enthusiastic support of the release of the Fit Quickies book cover and her imminent release!  I am honored.

What you may not know about is that I have a pre-order gift for everyone who places a pre-order of Fit Quickies:  5 Minute Targeted Body Shaping Workouts on or after November 30, 2012.  And as pre-orders are flying in, I better hurry and tell you all the juicy details. I  just didn’t have time to announce it before my cover hit the i-wavers!

PLUS lovely reader Patty became so inspired to purchase multiple copies of Fit Quickies as gifts for her Christmas presents list that she came up with a creative solution to the fact that the book won’t actually hit the bookshelves until February 5, 2013.   I wanted to come right in and make sure you know about these two options:

  • Book pre-order gift from me, and
  • Patty’s brilliant idea for giving copies of the book away for holiday presents

Your pre-order gift from me

When you pre-order the Fit Quickies book, I would like to express my thanks by sending you a copy of Lani Muelrath’s Plant-Based Blueprint.  This is a downloadable special report – about 50 pages in length – that includes a 16 – day personal food journal (mine), notes and tips about what’s eaten and when, introductory guide, and a dozen recipes straight from my kitchen.  Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

When it comes to making changes with what’s on your plate, menus, meal suggestions, and recipes point out the possibilities.  But they can still leave you wondering what to eat, and how the heck to put it all together.

What does real eating on a plant-based, whole foods, low fat diet really look like?  How does the Plant-Based Fitness Expert eat?

Readers  tell me that some of their favorite articles on the plant-based fitness blog are those where I spill the beans about what I actually ate on any given day.  What did my plate look like?  When did I eat it? How much?  And why?

And you know what?  It doesn’t surprise me in the least.  Because if it really does come down to the food, then the details of what’s on our forks is very important and of ultimate interest.  A peek into how someone who has been at it for  a long time puts it all together can be  enlightening and liberating.  It can help us along with finding our own best plant-based
plate match.  If you agree, then I wrote this for you.  ~ from Lani Muelraths’ Plant-Based Blueprint

Here’s how the thank you gift works.  When you pre-order your copy of the Fit Quickies book, simply forward a copy of your receipt to me at  Then, as soon as it is ready (during December 2012) you will be sent an electronic  copy of the Plant-Based Blueprint  for download.

Patty’s brilliant Christmas list idea!  

Patty wanted to snap up multiple copies of Fit Quickies to give as Christmas gifts this year.  Knowing that the hard copies would not be in her hands in time to get them wrapped and ready, she decided to print copies of the book cover to give as a gift with note enclosed about pending delivery.  I thought it was such a good that I immediately sent her some more resources to download and print for her gift packages:  pdf of the full cover, jpeg of the front cover, endorsement sheet, and more.  This way she can customize and really make a beautiful gift!

Patty was more than happy to share her Christmas gift solution (thank you Patty!) with everyone right here on the blog.

Here are the steps to Patty’s perfect present plan:

1)  pre-order Fit Quickies:  5 Minute Targeted Body-Shaping Workouts from your book  favorite book supplier:  Amazon, Barnes & Noble,  Powell’s Books, and pretty much everywhere else – simply do a search at your favorite online book vendor.  You can get some really great prices this way so shop around and get multiple copies for your holiday list!

2)  select from the downloadable options from which you can choose to print a copy to deliver – by email, snail mail, or under as a hand held gift – with a note attached regarding February delivery.  Here are the downloadable options for you:

3)  forward your Fit Quickies book order receipt to  Forward a copy of your receipt to me. As soon as it is ready, I will then email an electronic copy of the Plant-Based Blueprint to you.  Be sure that you are using the email address to which you want me to send the Plant-Based Blueprint when you forward your receipt to me.

There you have it! A nice bonus gift for yourself plus  an idea for some easy and budget-minded quality holiday shopping.

Let me know if you have any questions in comments below.

Thank you again for your spirited enthusiasm about the release of this unique book!  Simple, safe body shaping and fitness solutions, slimming and healthy plant-based diet, and that all important mindset for success.

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