Forks Over Knives Features The Plant-Based Journey with the Basic Veggie Burger Template

Forks Over Knives, the movie, is indexed no less than four times in The Plant-Based Journey.

Which makes perfect sense.  As Journey is a guidebook for transition to a plant-based lifestyle chock full of real-life stories about others who have successfully transitioned to plant-based living, hearing Forks Over Knives mentioned as intial point of contact or moment of awakening is not uncommon. Perhaps you can say the same for yourself.

So when the fine folks at Forks Over Knives reached out to me a couple of months ago to tell me that they wanted to feature one of my recipe templates from The Plant-Based Journey – specifically the Plant Burger (aka Veggie Burger) – I was of course one very happy plant-eating author.

And it just got better.  As we discussed dates for the feature at the Forks Over Knives website, there was a delay or two because, as they told me, they were a little backlogged in their photography projects and, after all, they planned to professionally photograph the Veggie Burger for their feature.

My humble little Plant Burger was to have a photo shoot!

What you see here is the result of that project.  Along with the completely charming graphics that they made for all the variations on Journey’s Burger Template:  the All-American, Mexican, Indian, and the Deluxe Black Bean Smokey. Along with the step-by-step graphic.  Images that you see here on this page – and each of them links to the page on Forks Over Knives where you can find template details, so you ‘ll always have it within reach.

Plant-Based Journey Veggie Burgers: Now on the Forks Over Knives App

Yes, there’s more!

These recipes can now also be found on the Forks Over Knives App. Journey is – shall we say – on a new leg of her journey.  Thank you FOK!


PHOTO CREDIT: Brandi Doming for Forks Over Knives.  Thank you Brandi!
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