It was my lucky day when the proposal for my new book The Plant-Based Journey landed on the editor’s desk at BenBella Publishing.

From the very beginning, the team at BenBella has been enthusiastic, gracious, and collaborative in the best of ways.

And now, BenBella has launched a new division – designed to focus exclusively on their plant-based and vegan collection.

And lucky for me, that includes The Plant-Based Journey!

To celebrate this launch, BenBella has put together a collection of nearly fifty recipes from their plant-based and vegan books to give away as a gift.  This went up just a few hours ago – and I’m excited to send you the link to get your free ebook download.

How to get your free recipes ebook from BenBella

When you follow the link to the new site, you will see the page that I’ve taken a screen shot for you here.  I wanted to post this picture for you because if you look right below the window where you will enter your email to be sent the ebook, there is a little circle that says ‘click to send updates on specific books from BenBella’s plant-based line.”  I was so excited about the new site and ebook download that I didn’t see it before sending in my signup.

This meant I completely missed the fact that The Plant-Based Journey is listed as an option about which to get updates!  The marketing department at BenBella pointed this out to me – so I point it out to you.

This means that when you send in your email to have your free recipe book sent to you, you can put a check next to The Plant-Based Journey – and of course any others that catch your eye – to receive updates regarding.  I’m so excited to see my book on this list!


benbellaveganbookcontentsHere’s the link to find your free gift and request for information:

This website is still under development, slated to be fully expanded by early 2015.

But the ebook is ready NOW!  Go grab yours.

Included are recipes gleaned from (among others):

  • The Plant-Pure Nation Cookbook
  • The Best Green Smoothies on the Planet
  • Happy Herbivore Holidays and Gatherings
  • Yum Universe
  • Better Than Vegan
  • The China Study Cookbook
  • Blissful Bites

I couldn’t help myself from snagging a few images from the inside – this pdf is beautifully photographed and laid out:






Need I say more?

Go grab your free download now:

And remember to toggle the button so that you can get the lastest publisher updates about The Plant-Based Journey – and a whole fleet of other plant-based titles!

Welcome to October!


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