Above:  Ann Wheat, owner of San Francisco’s Millennium Restaurant, Lani Muelrath,
& Stephanie Roston, R.D., Millennium Sous Chef

One of the pleasures of my column at Vegan Mainstream is keeping my finger on the pulse of the healthy veg community – and that includes finding out about great dining options for plant-based eaters! Is there a great veg restaurant in a city near you?  Tell me about it!

Just so you don’t miss it, here is a smattering of veg or veg-friendly restaurants around the country.  I posed the question on facebook, “Vegan or veg friendly restaurant you recommend in a city near you?” and posters generously responded.   Of course I wasn’t at all surprised to see Millennium in San Francisco listed more than once .  It is a destination vegan eatery that is well worth it for an evening of delish bites and great atmosphere if you are ever in the City by the Bay.

You’ll see restaurants in many states – from NY to CA and even Toronto – included.  And if you have one for this list that I missed, by all means post it here so that I can feature it next time!

Here’s the article on Vegan Mainstream; please add to the listings by posting in replies!

When you live in the sticks as I do, access to vegetarian or vegan restaurants – or even restaurants that carry veg menu items – can be hard to come by.  More often than not, it’s dinner at home.  That doesn’t mean I haven’t had some amazing vegan restaurant meals (most recently at Millennium in San Francisco!).

Deciding it would be fun to post locations for good vegan restaurant meals wherever you may find them, I decided what better way to get a collection of answers from all over the world than posing the question on facebook?

Replies poured in, most with links and with a few recommendations.  Hitting Orlando or Bisbee, AZ any time soon?  Here are some potential answers for your vegan meal quest.  No guarantees on ‘healthy’ vegan, though some will fit that bill.  For as we all know, just because it’s vegan doesn’t meant it’s healthy.


Bisbee:  “It’s a treat to eat at POCO. Very fresh, delicious and EVERYONE likes it, omnis, veggies, and vegans. It’s a fantastic quirky spot, in a fantastic, quirky town. RUN, don’t walk to POCO!  ~ Naomi T.


Berkeley:  “I like The Herbivore in Berkeley Ca. They have many items on menu. A lot of creative salads, and the desserts are yummy. Best part is their prices are so reasonable.”  ~ Pamela Z.A

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