The past week has been a dizzying blend of radio appearances, interviews, and preparing for an appearance this week on a large CBS-TV station morning show later this week – Good Day Sacramento. More about that soon.

I’ve also been busy signing copies of The Plant-Based Journey.  The stack of ten books pictured above was specifically destined for the library at MUSE School.  MUSE is featured in Journey (pg. 16 – 17) as the brainchild of Suzy Amis Cameron and her sister Rebecca Cameron as a progressive learning environment focused in part on sustainability – their school dining area has been progressing to 100% plant-based! This is in no small part due to the fact that Suzy,  her husband, film director James Cameron and their family have been eating plant-based for a several years due to the deep impact our food choices have on the environment.  I very excited about Journey being a resource for staff, parents, and students at MUSE School!

Plant Yourself Podcast

Though my calendar is a mess (I prefer working on the old-fashioned kind, paper with big box windows, full of writing that only I can seem to decode – and sometimes not even) and it’s been harder to squeeze things in, I cleared the deck for the opportunity to meet up with my friend and esteemed colleague Howard Jacobson.

(In a hurry?  You can jump right to the podcast here.)

Howard, you know, co-authored the Preface to Journey with T. Colin Campbell. I feel forever in their debt, as the Preface stands alone as a great piece of writing.  I tell them every time I read the Preface to Journey I want to go out and buy a copy – even though I already have one!

So when Howard suggested we meet for a podcast to publish in celebration of the official release of Journey on September 15, why of course I said yes.

And he even scrambled to get this formatted and up on his illustrious Plant Yourself Podcast page in time to beat the release date.

PYP 119: Lani Muelrath on the Right Mindsets for the Plant-Based Journey

In usual impeccable style, Howard pulled out some key points to give you a peek into the podcast before you even start listening:

“Her latest book, The Plant-Based Journey, to which T. Colin Campbell and I have the honor of contributing a foreword, comes out on September 15, which is tomorrow as I write this. She’s offering a bunch of bonuses as incentives to pre-order, so if you’re an early listener to this podcast, you still have an opportunity to make your online purchase and grab some goodies.

“In our conversation, we cover:

  • why Lani wrote The Plant-Based Journey

  • the biggest challenges and obstacles to effective lifestyle change

  • the hidden dangers of exciting, inspiring immersion events

  • the value of meal templates rather than recipes

  • lifestyle lessons from Everest

  • the difference between food addictions and addictive foods

  • dietary disinhibition and learning to juggle

  • the unicycle principle of learning

  • lifestyle insights from behavioral economics: status quo bias and loss aversion

  • Lani’s subtle battle with dark chocolate

  • and much more…

Pop on over to the podcast page HERE – you can listed right on the page, or do as I do – download to your computer, upload to ipod or audio, and listen on the go.

See you there!



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