Between you and me, we don’t really need anyone to tell us if we’re too fat or too thin, right?

Yet if we need a kick in the hmmhmm to face the fitness or fat loss music, then some tools of measure can help us do just that.

Besides how your clothes are fitting, what can you count on? BMI, waist-to-hip ratio, the bathroom scale…which is the best of these health assessments to use?

Probably all 4 of them together will give you the best overall picture and information when it comes to health and disease risk assessment. Or if you just want some good feedback on setting your weight loss and body composition goals.

The problem with BMI, or body mass index, is that a simple weight-to-height measure don’t tell the whole story. Same for the bathroom scale. What if you are more muscled than the average person? Or have heavier bones? Don’t laugh, as a solid-bones girl I swear there’s something to this one.

Which brings us to finding your waist-to-hip ratio as another simple assessment. How do you accurately find your waist to hip ratio? Where do you measure? Though it may sound obvious, “waist” and “hip” can be found in a variety of places it seems.

In this short video, find out exactly where and how to measure to get the important measures for finding your waist to hip ratio.

Here are some charts and tools to help:

BMI Calculator:

Waist circumference criteria:

Waist to hip ratio norms:

Having accurate starting points with these assessments can be very helpful in helping you gauge your progress.

I say all cards on the table when it comes to fitness, health, weight loss and fat loss.  It’s time to put your big girl pants on and get a reality check.  Fear of the bathroom scale and numbers gives away your power.

Find out what your numbers are.  Feel the fear and do it anyway.

And take back your power.

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