This video recording of my presentation delivered at the World Vegetarian Festival in San Francisco – How to amp down your fat genes with plant-based nutrition and carve your figure with your fork –  recently came across my radar.

I hadn’t even known this video was online – and there she was!

That means now I can share this presentation easily with you, too.

(You may have noticed this video in the video carousel at the bottom of my new home page here).

This presentation is about an hour in length. Here are more details about what you can expect to discover in this presentation.

Amp Down Your Fat Genescarvefigurewithformscreenshot

aka You Carve Your Figure With Your Fork

In this presentation discover:

  • why a genetic predisposition to easily gain weight is not your destiny
  • two simple ways to amp down your fat genes
  • what’s LPL?  Find out – (and learn why it’s critical for weight management!)
  • how to leverage three simple truths about hunger and fullness that will turn your weight problem around (as they did for me)
  • two one-minute moves guaranteed to restore mental clarity – and instantly invigorate body and mind for the journey
  • a simple willpower workout – replenish your ‘will’ power and ‘won’t’ power reserves in minutes
  • eight quick bonus plant-based nutrition tips

More juice for your journey!

I hope you enjoy this video and I look forward to your comments below.


P.S.  You’ll also see some previously unseen photos, such as the CBS-TV flyer for my TV show Lani’s All-Heart Aerobics from a few years back and running my first half-marathon in 19mumblemumble.

P.P.S.  As this presentation is done with visuals and slides in Powerpoint format, the bright lights of the show put me in shadow much of the time – but that doesn’t matter because it’s the message that counts and the audio is ultra clear.


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