lani_muelrath_hs_t-tap_lighIs your fitness cup half empty or half full?

Let me back up to the beginning.

This morning after an early morning walk I hopped into the bath.

Now, this may not necessarily sound like something that would provide a moment of inspiration, so let me explain.

The left hand spigot on our bathtub is currently experiencing what one can only call a “backwards installation”.  In other words, both handles point to the right when “off”, though they should point in opposite directions to create symmetry and ease of operation.

The reason the left handle is reversed is because we had to do an emergency plumbing job to stop a leak, and as it was the weekend and we had tools handy, decided to fix it ourselves.  I know, plumbing is best left to the pros, but due to a variety of circumstances, at the time it seemed to be the best choice.

Bear with me, I”m going somewhere with this story.

An hour later, despite all of our adjustments and head scratching about installation,  the left handle wouldn’t line up right.  My husband demonstrated exemplary patience.  And not only then, but on a repeat attempt a week later.  Another hour, another head-scratcher, and the results are the same.  Backwards faucet.  Uncle! We’ll wait for a plumber for the next go at it.

Here’s where we get to my point. All this week it has been mildly annoying to see the handle sideways.  It brought the frustration of installation to the surface, without the gratification of successful alignment.

But today I had a different experience.

A shift of paradigm, even at the bathtub level

I started thinking about how we should just get that handle fixed so it wouldn’t annoy us anymore.

And then it dawned on me how sweetly devoted my husband was at trying to fix it so it wouldn’t look bad and bug me.  And suddenly, the sideways faucet turned into a reminder of kindness and love.  What a difference!

It brought a blessing to the bath instead of a curse.

It changed my perspective from “half empty” to half full.  Or more.

The half full fitness connection

How often this same energy plays itself out in our quest for weight loss, better diet, exercise plan, etc. etc. when it comes to fitness.

This comes up often in my coaching practice when working with clients – I observe the looking at the lack, the focus on the negative, the discouragement with things being less than the ideal that we wanted them to be yesterday!

It is one of the big shifts that happens for women who study and take part in the Woman’s Fitness BluePrint program.  Words like “I was at a point of utter frustration, all-or-nothing“, and “I have experienced a huge mindset shift….that have enabled me to overcome HUGE obstacles!” are not uncommon for the women who undergo this rigorous course of study.  And the roots are right there  in overcoming perfectionism and recognizing progress…and the filling of the glass.

Dealing with the shift of perspective about the levels of progress – the filling glass – effectively and masterfully can mark a huge turning point in your weight loss journey.

How to turn it around – and grow the attitude of a winner

Here are 3 common “half empty” experiences women often express on their weight loss and fitness journey.

1)   “I’ve only lost ‘3’ lbs. this month”

Paradigm shift and attitudes of a winner: “I’m 3 lbs lighter than I was a month ago!”

2)  “Why does everyone else seem to be able to lose inches so fast?”

Paradigm shift and attitudes of a winner: “My body is my body and comparing myself to others – whether real or imagined (none of us really knows what another is experiencing, especially when we don’t know them live and personally)  does NOTHING for me! Being in your own body and working with it compassionately and honestly are precursors to lasting weight loss success.

3)  “I had a bad day with my diet yesterday”

Paradigm shift and attitudes of a winner: I actively prepared for and was successful with my dietary plan for 5 days this week!

These simple shifts in perspective and attitude add up.

They create a positive energy.  And they allow us to remind ourselves what a difference we DO make with our thoughts, actions, choices, and persistence.

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