True story.  Talk about flashbacks!  I even told you about it at the time here:  “When once-snug shorts slip off without being unbuttoned; aka time for a new tropical wardrobe”.

Those very shorts – as perfect as they are for travel and as well as they have served me finally had to hit the retired pile to avoid further mishap.  Yet I’ve still got ’em, still looking for a similar pair.

Those shorts are a happy reminder of the power of dietary shifts.  You see, what pushed those shorts over the line from ” a bit loose” to “falling off in airport” was the result of the distinct dietary change of letting go of dairy and expelled oilsSculpted inches off of just about everywhere.  Gosh, is the fat you eat is the fat you’ll wear?

Back from travels now, and my favorite videographer Greg has created a masterpiece video snapshot of our two weeks in the Dutch Antilles.

Don’t worry, there’s no footage of me with pants falling off, though there is some fetching footage of me poolside by swaying palms and full moon about 2/3 of the way in.  You’ll know it’s coming when you hear Johnny Mathis.



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