How does a Ms. Fitness America eat?

Meet nutrition expert and wellness enthusiast Kardena Pauza.

Kardena  is a Top Certified Personal Trainer at Next Level Fitness & Wellness Center, and a Nutritional Consultant that has been passionately involved in the area of Nutrition for over 10 years.

And most recently, Kardena has been awarded & crowned Ms. America Fitness 2006-2007  for her commitment to Health, Fitness and involvement in her community.

If you want to cut back on the meat in your diet – or simply ramp up the veggies – yet aren’t quite sure where to start – here are some easy and simple to follow vegetarian meal plans that you might want to take a look at.

Kardena has put together these meal plans to help you out.

Ms. America® Fitness 2007 is on a personal mission to inform and educate about the benefits of a vegetarian diet, and this work is an outgrowth of that passion.

Pop on over and download  these meal plans at no cost to you through July 17, 2009:

Easy Veggie Meal Plans

72 hours of FREE downloads

For Next 72 Hours only, you can download a FREE copy of Kardena’s  Vegetarian Meal Plans.

That means through Friday, July 17, 2009.

Vegetarian Diets Come In Many Flavors

You may be asking, what kind of veggie diet are these meal plans about?

Vegetarian diets can include/exclude dairy products and eggs. You’ll find this download from Kardena a somewhat middle-of-the-road approach to vegetarian dietary choices.   You’re bound to find some new ideas and insights with how to put together meal plans that are lower on the food chain than the standard American diet (aka “SAD”).

You just might boost your vitality and give your weight loss efforts a kick in the rear as well.

These meal plans are set up with weight loss – or fat loss – in mind.  That means they are scaffolded with calorie loads to invite weight loss.  There are two plans, one for 2,000 calories and one for 1600 calories daily.

We all know that just eating a vegetarian diet doesn’t insure health or weight loss.  That’s why having a structure with which to get started from an experienced veggie meal planner can really help.

Your diet has a lot to do with your energy, weight, and health. It also has environmental impact  Embracing a plant-based diet – even for an increasing number of meals each week – is beneficial on multiple levels.

And if you’re looking for ideas about how to get started – and maybe even looking to shed a few pounds in the process – you might want to take a look at these meal plans.

What better time than at the height of fresh veggie and fruit season in summer?

Here is the link again:

Vegetarian Meal Plans

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