Our new fridge – before her first meal.

That’s right. My new best friend weighs over 200 lbs.  And I’m feeding her all the time.

Actually, that’s only 10.5 lbs higher than my highest weight.

Just thought of that. Anyhoo!

Let me know if you need a new refrigerator coach, cuz I’ve got all the tricks and tips now that I’ve researched and purchased a brand new fridge.  See, I research these things before I jump.

On with the story.

My good friend Amy takes a quick thought about what she wants and then just buys.  Cars, appliances, furniture.

Do you do that too?  Or are you more like me?

I take a somewhat different approach.

I get an idea about what I want, then snoop around and comparison shop.  Maybe I got it from my mother who would spend every Wednesday pouring over the newspaper, pursing lips over tongue in concentration,  for coupons and price breaks to plan out the ideal itinerary for Thursday’s shopping trip.

So I guess I fall somewhere in between.

About a month ago, when it became apparent that our trusty GE fridge may not make it to year 21, I decided to take a preemptive strike and find me a replacement before an emergency thaw situation hit.

Here’s what I did:

  1. I visited 4 stores: Loews, Home Depot, Sears, and the local appliance outlet, Ginno’s.
  2. I compared cubic feet, reviews, and prices online.  Bin size.  Shelf space.  Lighting.
  3. I debated styles. The French Door style seemed so appealing.  No more leaning over to forage through deep veggie bins, which is where I spend most of my refrigerator time. Ice in the door, or no?

OK, no big wup, you’d do that too, right?   I took it a step further.

When all was said and done, I’d managed to bargain the lowest price offered in town out of my preferred business option – the local guy.  After all, they had really spent time with me on my questions, never pressured me to buy, and – heck, he is the local guy.

Not only that, I was able to bargain with them on warranty AND delivery charges.

Now, my friend Amy might think this is a waste of time.  For me, it save me about $3oo in cash and that was worth it.

Plus I had a really, really clear idea of what I was getting.

Heck, the same strategy saved me 2 Grand on a new car purchase once.

My new fridge?  I LOVE that I can open just one door and without bending into a pretzel position can easily pull out the crisper with my giant carrots all ready to go.   Simple pleasures.

So if you wanna talk produce-friendly fridges, brands, and all other things icebox, I’m yours!

So, what’s in my new fridge?

I knew you were gonna ask that.

Of course, she’s getting stocked.

Sure, I’ll tell you what’s inside.  Be right back.

Kale, carrots, celery, broccoli, apples, cherries, cooked brown jasmine rice, batch of homemade veggie soup, peanut butter, rice milk, tofu, lentils, garlic, rice flour, almond milk, ketchup mustard and assorted condiments, blueberry jam, cold baked potatoes, butternut squash, grapefruit, sugar snap peas.

Going to market tomorrow so more veggies coming in!

AND the French door style is poifect. It’s such a pleasure to have everything easily seen at eye level.

No more digging into hidden tunnels as my old side-by-side had me do.  Not to diminish my old fridge, she served us well!  Yet if you’re making the decision on fridge style yourself, if you are a veggie lover like me, I vote for Frenchie.

Plus what better way to celebrate my brand-new Certification in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University?

I just finished all course requirements!  Yay!  More later.

P.S.. Uncle!  Editing to add an “after her first meal” picture as per reader requests 😉

Our new fridge, after her first meal

For now, tell me about YOUR adventures in refrigerator land.  Anything to add to my experience?  Please share in comments below.

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