lani_muelrath_hs_t-tap_lighThe Black Belt Millionaire and the Fitness DreamMaker.

Sound like an interesting meeting?  Well, it was!

Not long ago, yours truly had the privilege of being the featured guest of Jacqueline Wales’ (aka the Black Belt Millionaire) on her fearlessfactor (aka fearlessfifties) TeleClass series.

And now that interview is being made available to you.

Play this 2 minute clip from the introduction of this interview:

If you’d like to hear the rest, you’ve come to the right place.

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More about what’s revealed on this call:

1) A brief history of my personal diet and weight loss problems.

2) Two defining moments that precipitated my dramatic shift from the cycle of hopeless, frutrating weight gain to one of weight loss.

3)  The first two, critical things I did to turn my fitness around and start me on the path to a 50 pound weight loss that I easily maintain over 10 years later.

4) Two big secrets to keeping your fitness on track.

5) The 3 things that must be in place to make it to your fitness goals.

6)  What to do right away to get you going on the right track to fitness or weight loss.

7)  Specific strategies on making real change with your body.

Also, included in this call:

  • mini laser-coaching sessions with callers on the line
  • an inside look at the Woman’s Fitness Blueprint group coaching program (formerly known as “How to Success at Fitness” Intensive
  • some specific details about the Transformation Tools for Success used in the Woman’s Fitness Blueprint group coaching program

I hope you enjoy this audio!  Looking forward to your thoughts in comments below.

P.S. Signups for the Fall 2009 Woman’s Fitness BluePrint Program will be starting in days.  I’m planning a FAST ACTION BONUS (valued at $100! Consider it an early bonus) in addition to the Earlybird option that you won’t want to miss (first come first serve!).

To get first notification and be first in line for this exclusive opportunity, put your email into the form HERE.

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