Good news!

Two of my abso-fab FAVorite sneak-in-instant-invigorators-and-body-shapers NOW are just about ready for YOU to enjoy as well!  Yessiree, My newest Fit Quickies,  #9 and #10 are just about ready for you.

And while the final stages of preparation are underway (you know, making the Audio Practice Track and putting it all into an electronic bundle easy for you to access and load onto your computer, ipod, mp3 player, or burn to a DVD), I’ve made a little tease-trailer track for you (see below).  Just to give you a taste!

Here you go: A sneak peak at Fit Quickie #9, “Stand Up Seat” and Fit Quickie #10, “Leg Plays”.

Oh, and a P.S.: If you are joining me on the May Body Transformation Booty Camp, then check out our Countdown Call to find out about the Special Gift I have for you!  Be sure to join me on the ‘6 Steps to Conquer your Cravings” and “Booty Camp Countdown Call” on April 14!  Sign up HERE if you haven’t already.

Love and success! And enjoy the Fit Quickie #9 and #10 preview! This is just to give you a taste;  the full Fit Quickies instructional videos coming out soon will have all the details on setup, alignment, and the moves themselves.  Looking forward to your thoughts in “Leave a Reply” below.

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