Long the victims of intense marketing campaigns by the Four Food Lobbies, we’ve been sold a gallon of milk and a bill of goods by the dairy industry one time to many.

Warning! This revealing presentation by Dr. John McDougall, M.D., will tilt the milk cart on what you may have previously heard about dairy and milk products when it comes to bone less, calcium, and protein.

Prepare to be challenged to take a second look at that innocent chunk of cheese if not abandon it altogether.  In other words, if your fitness trainer or health advisor is recommending snacks of cottage chess, yogurt, or milk – no matter how skim – it’s time to take a  hard look at what else they might be telling you about diet too.

The good news is that life beyond dairy is full of possibility.  Weight loss.  Better bones.  Elimination of congestion.  No more ear infections.  No more throat phlegm. And better elimination altogether.  Reduced joint inflammation.  Lowered cholesterol and cleaner arteries.  Somebody stop me!

Does ditching dairy sound impossible to you?

And if ditching dairy seems like an impossibility to you, believe me I get that.   Though I’ve eaten vegetarian for years, I really only nailed the dairy portion, despite my better judgement, over one year ago.  It’s resulted in – well, pretty much everything I listed for you above in “the good news is….”

What stands out most to you about this video presentation?

About Lani

Lani Muelrath, M.A., CGFI, CPBN, is the author of The Plant-Based Journey and Fit Quickies™ .

image:  brancusi7

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