Pssst…stories like Phyllis’ are coming in each week at FitDream Fusion Inner Circle.

And just between you and me, they are from women like you who are busy, and do not have a lot of time to devote to exercise and diet.

Which is why they, like you, benefit so much from simple systems of eating and exercise to bring things in on target with their energy and body shaping goals.

Sometimes these stories are more dramatic than others.

Yet when it happens to YOU, it is more than a minor miracle. Sharing eachother’s excitement in solid progress with creating a better body through fitness, weight loss, and body shaping while keeping energy high for productivity is a joy best shared.

For Phyllis, this means specifically:

  • down 5.8 lbs
  • down 7.5 inches
  • increased energy and productivity, needing about an hour less sleep
  • workouts to “a new production level”

But I’ll let her tell you.

Here is Phyllis’ recent post, straight from her FitDream Fusion Inner Circle Journal:

Hi Lani and Everyone!

Wow. Time is going by so fast! We’re getting down to the last few trips for our move and DS’s wedding is less than a month away. I had to take a step back and reevaluate what I can and can’t do over the next month without stressing myself completely out.

I decided I CAN stay focused on what I’m eating.

I CAN fit in a few Fit Quickies every day.

I CAN at least log into FitDream Fusion and read posts on this forum to keep me motivated.

I decided I am NOT going to stress about working out every day because I HAVE to get this house cleaned out and everything moved approx 130 miles away. I am down to mainly cleaning out closets but dang those are not fun!

Having said all the above, my DS commented last night that I am looking slimmer.

It made my day as you can imagine! So this morning I decided to weigh and measure because I had noticed a few changes too but have just been too busy to stop and measure.

Here are the results — since 5/1 – less than 4 weeks ago:

I’ve lost a total of 5.8 lbs and 7.5 inches! YAY!

And I’ve lost a total of 7.2 lbs since 4/18 when started eating more closely with Lani’s dietary guidelines.

And what I’ve lost in weight and inches, I’ve gained in energy.

I have found that following Lani’s eating plan is what has really produced results for me. It seems to take the workouts that I can get in to a new production level if that makes sense.

And the inches are in my abdomen and hips which is where I really need them to melt away from!


My main inch loss is:

1 inch in my waist,

1 inch in my hips,

1 inch in EACH upper thigh and

.5 in EACH lower thigh….AND.

… .25 in EACH upper arm. I am excited about all the above but really focused on toning my arms right now because the dress for DS’s wedding is sleeveless .

The fact that I had a week of vacation in SC eating some Southern Food and still experienced the above amazes and pleases me!

It’s Getting Easier

I have to tell you that each small success (a pound here, an inch there) makes it easier for me to make the next healthy choice.

I have not been hungry once since starting to eat this way on 4/18. It’s amazing to me. And I’m just touching the tip of the vast variety of food options out there.

Energy is UP!

Regarding energy...I find that I don’t need as many hours of sleep as I used to require to make it through the day. That’s a big deal for me! I’m getting by with about an hour less per night too. It’s great!

The support I get from all of you here has been amazing and I so appreciate the encouragement.

FitDream Fusion is such an awesome group and provides so much support for me and my goals. Lani’s daily involvement with us is priceless.

Even during this time of financial setback for us, FitDream Fusion is a non-negotiable monthly expense for me.

I’m part of a FF Dream Team that I know is necessary for my long-term success. I sincerely appreciate YOU Lani and everyone here!

Need to go now, but had to share with all of you. Thanks for keeping me motivated even when I can’t always reciprocate!

~Phyllis Bahou, CA

Congratulations and excellent job, Phyllis! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your journey – and look what you’ve accomplished.

Dear Readers, leave your comments for Phyllis, below, OK?

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