Our morning river walk in Harper’s Ferry, W. VA., where the Potomac meets the Shenandoah…

Early September found us on plant-based fitness adventure in Virginia, Maryland, and even scrambling all over the nation’s capitol for a 7 hour junket on a hot, sticky Sunday.

Our mission on these adventures, besides taking in new sights, is to walk in every location at which we find ourselves and to eat our healthy, plant-based diet with gusto.  With very few hiccups, we’ve made it happen.

We almost always find a house to rent so that I can be in command of the kitchen – find local – or market – produce.  Grab a bag of brown rice, pasta, and a supply of oatmeal.   Get some good bread – at a local bakery if at all possible. A testament to the ease of traveling and staying plant-based healthy and returning home without the extra poundage that can happen so easily on travels.  Unless, of course, you plan ahead and shop healthy!

Here’s a quick video of our adventures that Greg, my favorite videographer, put together.  The rock climb was a challenge, but we made the full  10 mile loop without even a sore muscle the next day!

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