What did early humans eat?  And what about the answer to that question should we pay attention to when it comes to designing our own, modern, personal diets?

Dr. Nathaniel Dominy, Phd, Dartmouth College

Two of the most popular – and two of my own personal favorite – presentations at last weekends Advanced Nutrition Study Weekend at the McDougall Health and Medical Center – were given by Biological Anthropologist Nathanial Dominy, Phd, Dartmouth College.  For several years as a science teacher, the curriculum I taught included evolution of early humans and I’ve always found the whole unfolding of affairs absolutely fascinating.  I really tuned in to Dominy’s talks.

Dr. Dominy invested a solid chunk of one presentation demonstrating and illustrating the role of amylase in human survival.

Amylase is the starch-digesting enzyme, which we humans produce a relatively high amount of, compared to other primates.  This, Dominy says, can be attributed to the importance of starch in the human diet.

When it comes to the expansion of human brain size, here is what Dominy has to say;  this is pulled directly from the video.

There is a surge in brain size of early humans about 2  million years ago.

Because there is not a very strong match between meat consumption and gradual increases in brain size, scientists have looked to other options and given that plant foods are of such importance to modern humans that hunt and gather foods the money is on plant foods and a shift in the kinds of plant foods as being a major driving factor in increasing brain size.

I would say a mixture of plant foods with a large amount of starch coming from tubers and seeds;  that’s the fundamental component of the human diet.  ~ Nathaniel Dominy, Phd

It’s all in the video.  We at the event were lucky to get the extended, long-play version.  Which, by the way, you can still access as download at McDougallMedia.com.

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