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Health is more than the numbers on the chart.  It’s also having the vitality and energy to do all the things you want to do, rather than being held back by lesser fitness. Exercise is also the simplest, most direct way you give muscle to the building blocks of the brain. Move your body – even something as simple as walking – every day!


Five Healthy Tips for Plant-Based Baby Boomers

I don't care what any one says, when you become a 'lady or gentleman of a certain age', something shifts. Muscle maintenance can be harder, weight gain easier, and the inclination to simply not move as much can sneak up on you. When I jumped into my sixth decade, in...

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Fit Quickies in The Saturday Evening Post!

What a treat and honor to see this feature in the newest issue of The Saturday Evening Post.  I'm so excited to be able to bring  this news - and a couple of screenshots - to you today. The Saturday Evening Post article (click here to read the article at the Post...

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4 reasons you need to get your glutes in gear

There are lots of exercises that target the "backyard", as I like to call that beautiful assembly of muscles known as the gluteals. Yet regardless of which specific training exercises you employ, there are four very important reasons that - bottom line - you need to...

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Forks Over Knives called…

Brian Wendel is the industrious, creative and visionary power behind the ultra-popular documentary, Forks Over Knives. This movie has been an agent for change and has  had a tremendous impact on the health education - and health - of our modern society.  Case in...

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