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Five Fast Ways to Plantify Your Plate

You’ll discover dozens of ideas for easy meal prep, simple recipe templates, swap-outs and more in The Plant-Based Journey. Here on PBJ TV I demonstrate several of them. View complete  notes

Lani Muelrath and Michael Greger

This time I brought Dr. Michael Greger in with his new book How Not to Die. In this four minute segment, we present Greger’s “Daily Dozen” and feature them in recipes direct from Thee Plant-Based Journey!

View complete notes 

Meaty Plant-Based Bites and Savory Vegan Eats

When shifting to plant-based or going vegan the question sometimes comes up: “Is there a way to recreate the flavors and textures of meat without animal products?” The answer is YES, and that’s what today’s PBJ TV is all about. View complete notes

Plant-Based Party Snacks

Today on Good Day Sacramento PBJ TV Lani Muelrath shows several plant based party snacks from The Plant-Based Journey that you can serve at your next gathering. View complete notes

Whole Foods Plant-Based Holiday Eats

The secrets of replacing processed holiday treats with whole plant-based foods starring recipes from The Plant-Based Journey: Pumpkin Muffins, Cranberry Orange Date Sauce, Chocolate Cherry Truffles, No Oil No Sugar Apple Crisp, and more. View complete notes

From Junk Food to Whole Food

Host Charlie Fields says, “This time on SF Veegs, the fabulous health and nutrition expert Lani Muelrath is dropping serious knowledge about how to “plantify your plate” and become a whole food vegan. Her hot new book The Plant-Based Journey is a masterpiece, and she is sharing many key points from it. I made her recipe for Portobello Pot Roast so let’s see if she likes it!” View complete notes

Amazon #1 Best Seller! Buy the Book >>>

Amazon #1 Best Seller!  Buy the Book >>>

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