Have you ever seen a squirrel swing on a hammock, pause and contemplate nature, have breakfast with the Buddha – or on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?  Now’s you’re chance

This latest production from my favorite videographer – Greg – is guaranteed to make you slow down, smile, laugh, and just enjoy being here now.  Something Rockie does best.  Watching this video is a shortcut to stress management.

Oh, you’ll also see Rockie using my new standing work station as a jungle gym – with perfect equanimity, of course!  All very behind-the-scenes as Rockie came by just as I finished my Fit Quickies workout.

Rockie the rescue squirrel video archives

In case you’ve missed the previous productions, here are the previous 7 Rockie, the plant-based fitness mascot videos that capture her stories and adventures since we found her crawling helplessly through the forest floor outside our home, summer 2011.  The Rockie video archives are listed and linked here in reverse chronological order.

Rockie the plant-based fitness mascot “Winter of my content!” (video!)

Rockie the plant-based fitness mascot’s 2012 Christmas video: ‘Rockie’s Naughty Christmas’

Rockie the squirrel – our plant-based fitness mascot – releases her first music video

Plant-based fitness mascot Rockie the rescued squirrel birthday video: ‘Rockie IV, Ready for My Close-up’

NEW video from my mascot! Rockie our squirrel returns!

Rockie returns! The squirrel saga continues with new video of Rockie, the plant-based fitness blog mascot

Merry wildlife Christmas! The Saga of Rockie our Squirrel – NEW video


Have you a favorite in the Rockie film festival?  Tell about it in comments below.

Peace, plants, and paws!

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