Dr. McDougall created another masterpiece of a weekend at the ASW

45 notebook pages and 3 days later I’m back from the long drive to the McDougall Health and Medical Center Advanced Nutrition Study Weekend.

45 pages?  I kid you not.  I took my promise to report in to you quite seriously, and knowing there will be eager ears on the September Teleclass for FitDream Fusion and my all-new Success Club, I knew I couldn’t leave it all to memory’s chance.

Here are some tidbits and teases listed below.  For the full skinny, come to the Success Club Teleclass on September 22.  And remember, all calls are recorded for download so be sure to sign up even if you can’t be there live.  Though of course I hope you will be.

And keep in mind, it’s a highlights list – it was over 15 hours of presenters, fuhgoonnessakes!

  • why you should favor a sigmoidoscopy over a colonoscopy, and when you should have it done
  • why some people can digest starch better than others
  • why hunter-gatherers should really be called gatherer-hunters
  • should we be eating all our food raw?
  • how insulin resistance is a normal adaptation of the body to preserve itself – and what to do about it
  • how meds for Type ll diabetes can actually make it worse
  • the effects of exercise on endothelial function
  • are you as active as your ancestors?  A day in the life of a paleolithic
  • stress reduction made simple
  • thyroid levels:  what’s too high, what’s too low?
  • lipid profiles – what do I do with all those numbers?
  • NUTS:  Are they good for you?  What do the numbers really say?
  • 6 of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet
  • why you want to limit smoothies if you need to lose weight
  • what is it about some foods that makes them so easy to overeat?
  • why you don’t want GMO messing with your broccoli
  • Alzheimers: genes are directors but not dictators:  What we can do to change their expression
  • what minerals are associated with mental decline?
  • what’s dopamine got to do with it?

Get the idea?   And the commonalities of it all:  A whole food, low fat, plant-based diet of intact foods.

Dr. Neal Barnard and Lani Muelrath at the Advanced Study Weekend

The list of presenters:  Nathaniel Dominy, PhD – Research on genetics and a starch-based human diet; Dr. Robert A. Rosati, Dennis Bourdette, MD – Chairman of the Department of Neurology and Director of the Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunology Center;  Neal Barnard, MD – Founder and Director of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine; Robert Vogel, MD – Professor of Medicine and Director of Clinical Vascular Biology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine; Colleen Patrick-Goudreau – Celebrity Chef for this weekend.  Plus Jeff Novick RD, Doug Lisle Ph.D. and John McDougall, MD.


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