‘Lest you labor under the delusion that I have oodles of time and big chunks of motivation to arrange my life around my workouts, let me set the record straight and tell you what I did this morning.

Dilemma: I had a client to get to for a Body Transformation training to deliver, about a  20 minute drive away.

Our appointment was set for 9:30.  I wanted to squeeze a workout in,  yet  it was already  8:15  and I knew I would need time to shower, dress, and prep for the session.

This would include washing my hair and all that that entails, so not just a quick rinse kind of shower.  This eliminated the possibility of my long morning walk or a complete body shaping workout.  Dang!

However, I knew there was no excuse for not slipping in some Burst Training (quick cardio) and snapping out a few Fit Quickies.

So here’s what I did.

8:15: I grabbed the timer (it sticks by magnet to the fridge) and popped into the garage.  I opened the garage door so I could “bike with a view” – our front yard looks into a beautiful woodlands forest with blossoming dogwoods, no less!  Poifect.

I pivoted the bike into ‘view’ position, set the timer for 15 minute countdown, and propped it so that I could watch the countdown for my intervals.


Oh, I forgot to tell  you why I’m glad there’s no live cam in my garage.

You see, time was at such a premium, that the only changes to my workout wear was to slip into some ankle socks and my clogs.

Other than that, I was still in nightgown and bathrobe.

That’s right.  I did the whole dang peddle session, all 14 minutes, without a wardrobe change.

There’s never too little time for Burst Training.

It’s now  8:31.  I popped into the shower, quickly dried off and slipped back into my robe and readied to dry my hair and fancy up my face just a tad.

Here we are at  8:35,  blow drying my hair.  I shifted right  into Fit Quickies mode:

  • Fit Quickie #9, Stand Up Seat. My legs were already warmed up from the Burst Training on my  bike, so they were good to go.  Rather than steadying myself for isolation work on a barre per usual, I leveraged my hips into the countertop to isolate my glutes and hamstrings for the Fit Quickie  while blow drying my hair.  Seriously.  It worked.
  • Short pause in hair drying to do the hamstring stretch that follows Fit Quickie 9.
  • Fit Quickie #1, 7 Seconds to a Flat Belly, 7 rounds while I finished drying my hair

8:43: Fit Quickie #5, Topless Muffins, stand -up version.  Used the counter edge as my barre again.

I opted for the standing version because it just seemed like it would be quicker than getting down on the floor.  Plus I really dig it and I can check to see the toes of my foot in back peeking over my shoulder in the mirror.

Keep in mind I’m still in my bathrobe.  Finished with standing “4” stretch.  Yes!

8:49:  Scampered into closet to slip on my Lululemon threads, shoes, and printed workout spreadsheet for client, grabbed my purse, and time to GO girl!

All in all, I was able to shower, get dressed, AND sneak in 3 Fit Quickies plus some cardio in 30 minutes.  I abandoned worrying about being properly attired or perfectly positioned with workout props to get the job done.

So here’s my point.  As if you haven’t already gotten it.

There are ways to sneak in energizing, body shaping activity that don’t take a whole lot of time and effort.  They just take a little creativity and thinking outside the ‘workout’ box.

If you’ve been using ‘not enough time’ as your excuse for not getting your butt in gear for workouts,  think again and squeeze in some shapers or bursts when you might least have expected it could happen.

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