Just before loading up to leave for the first official presentation and book signing for The Plant-Based Journey (story follows), Fed Ex delivered this to our porch.

Not me silly! The beautifully framed fabric cover of The Plant-Based Journey!

Did I tell you how much I love my publisher, BenBella Books?

What a perfect sendoff!

Off to The Bookstore

From there, it was a two hour drive to the location for book signing number one.

Good thing I’m a veteran teacher, skilled in the dance that more often than not ensues when all best-laid-plans don’t quite come to be as planned.

Let me explain…

Though I had spoken at length with the manager of the bookstore regarding  the plan for the book party (we had a party planned, not just autograph time!), when I arrived there was not quite the match for what I envisioned, based on our conversations.

Thanks to the Sacramento Vegan Society and leadership of Linda Middlesworth, there were at least 43 people signed up via a Meetup.

So I told the bookstore we would need more than forty chairs. Plus tables for the food my team was bringing. And a projector so that I could show the pictures of plant-based food to get everyone in the mood.


We ran out of space and chairs, but no worries – people just populated the bookstore balcony!

By the end of the event, the bookstore had come within a few copies of selling out the robust order of Journey they had placed (over 40 copies were snapped up), so they were thrilled!


The projector was finally put into place – just in time for the Q and A. Everyone got to see the pictures anyway and we all had a good laugh.

Thirty Minutes To Start Time

When I walked in the door a good half hour before presentation time (the manager and I had planned to make sure my computer would hook up with the projector), there was very little in place.  There were about 6 – 8 chairs set up, no projector, no tables for food, and no water (they were going to provide).  And no manager in sight.

As a teacher, I’m used to equipment not working, rooms being unavailable, and any kind of technical disaster you can imagine taking place. Unfazed, I greeted those who had arrived early (putting a copy of Journey in their hands to read) while the clerks scrambled to get the projector (“if we can find it!”) and went about putting my items on the table in front of the feeble chair count.  Within seconds, the meager display of The Plant-Based Journey on the shelf behind me wobbled and pitched all the copies of Journey there forward onto my back and the floor.

At three minutes to the hour, staff (who were already overwhelmed with people in line at the counter to buy books), were scrolling through the online instructions of how to set up the projector.bookfoodline

All’s Well That Ends Well

Undaunted, the arriving guests (over sixty people pressed enthusiastically into the small book store) and my team got everything in place – and within minutes of ‘official’ opening time.  That mean chairs materialized from the sister store down the street, we arranged all the arriving eats on the table intended for my ‘signing’ station, and we were off!laniavidbooksign1

Many people bought multiple copies for friends, and several people who had already pre-ordered and received their copies of Journey brought them in for me to sign. I also got to meet so many who I had never met before, and was able to see many old friends.


My food crew brought in delectibles from the recipe section of The Plant-Based Journey.  Have you tried the Chocolate Cherry Truffles yet? ( page 210)


Or how about the Game Changer Chili and Country Comfort Cornbread (pg. 193-194)?


Bethany Davis, Andrea Seppinni and Linda Middlesworth, Anna Nova and others generously and graciously prepared from Journey so we could feed the crowd some delectable plant-based eats!



Meet You Soon?

Though must of my travel in the months ahead is for presenting The Plant-Based Journey at conferences, festivals, and even a medical school, there is another book signing on the near horizon.

Barnes and Noble in Chico, California, is hosting a Plant-Based Journey book signing on Sunday, October 11 at 2:00 p.m.  Which just so happens to be the same day that the large local newspaper will be running a review in Dan Barnett’s popular Biblio File column (I’ll let you know when it’s up) and announcing my appearance on NPR the 16th. What a nice tidy package of events…

If all goes as planned, of course!

Hope to see you soon!


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