Boot Camp Mind is…

  • the voice of focus
  • the voice of compelling commitment
  • the ‘just do it’ you

The part of you that is connected with your better judgement, that is inspired to realize your greater potential.

You gain your health and get your body back through 3 important avenues

  1. food plan and eating
  2. exercise and fitness
  3. mindset and motivation

All 3 are critical to your success.  Yet it is the all important mindset for mastery and motivation  that make it possible for you to engage and follow through with your eating and exercise plans. Mindset and motivation are essential for you to be ultimately successful  at realizing your health, weight loss, and fitness goals.

Let’s be honest.  You may have the best flippin’ food plan in the West.  And you may know exactly what to do each day to get – and stay – in shape.  You could have all the full body workout routines. And know how to do them.

But if you don’t know the keys to wrapping your head around getting healthy, losing weight, and getting fit, well, odds are you’ll never get the job done.

Just between us, ou don’t drop 50 lbs of excess weight and keep it off for over a decade like I have without a big helping of motivation and mindset. Thinking differently.

Boot Camp Mind is…

…a voice, an energy, a spirit that we practice. It’s not something that we have or don’t. It’s there, and becomes strengthened, through the use of specific tools.

How do we give the voice of Boot Camp Mind practice so that it can do what it is so good at?  How do we sync with it  to bring us to realization of our healthy change goals?

Think about it.  There’s also Lazy Mind, Indulgent Mind, Disciplined Mind, Excited Mind, Happy Mind, Rebellious Mind – they are all there all the time. They all want a voice!

An example of how to cultivate Boot Camp Mind so that you can ‘get the job done’

One of the most powerful strategies for weight loss is something that may never have  occurred to you.  That is to abstain from worrying about your present shape.

Notice I didn’t say ignore, pretend your present shape doesn’t exist, or never allow the thought about your present shape to arise.  You can’t help the thoughts from bubbling up.  But you are able to change what you do with them.  This is a skill developed by strengthening Boot Camp Mind.

Worrying about our current condition and anxiety about the distance we have to travel to weight loss or our body shaping ideal only magnifies doubt and clouds your vision. You end up feeling uncertain and negative, filled with self-doubt.  This  keeps you second-guessing your goals and your ability to realize them. Boot Camp Mind is certainty, clarity, and confidence.

All we need to do, as the manager, is let these each speak their mind without getting in the way of our greater good and potential. We can acknowledge and befriend and be compassionate with each of them so that we are not jerked around by them. Suppressing and ignoring them doesn”t work.  Acknowledgement and discrimination do. That’s what cultivating Boot Camp Mind is all about.


The next time you notice yourself spiraling down in self-recrimination and criticism for not being in better shape, carrying excess weight, or eating way off ‘plan’, do this.  Watch for that moment of pause between the habit of that thought coming up and the instant you jump in and take it for a drive.  When you can become aware of that instant, you have stepped right into the realm of Boot Camp Mind. Now you have options.  This awareness is the first step. Then insights and opportunities reveal themsevles to you.  It’s not magic, it’s behavioral science. It is your first point of action for cultivating Boot Camp Mind. Your successful weight loss and health gains are depending on your successful practice of this process.

Maybe you’ve already got powerful Boot Camp Mind

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