The shorts in question;  7 months ago, loose, but still in place

The shorts in question board a flight; 7 months ago, loose, but still "in place"

lani_muelrath_hs_t-tap_lighWhen the cargo shorts I bought for tropical travel a few years back slipped down (surprise!) without being unbuttoned at the Curacao airport on Wednesday, I knew  a milestone had been passed.

And that it’s time for a new tropical wardrobe.

Honestly, this is the kind of inconvenience we don’t complain about, am I right?

To set you at ease, they did NOT slide off while I was racing through a terminal, standing in line for the flight, or any other such inopportune time.

But just between us, when I detoured into the restroom to make a quick change en route to scuba holiday on Bonaire, in a hurry to catch the flight, I just tugged on my shorts and – whaddya know, no need to unbutton.

Mind you, when I first bought these shorts they were pretty challenging to close.  I needed to pick them up though as I was in a travel time crunch and needed something – quick.  Lightweight, nylon, great color, all kinds of pockets and stand up to anything.  Which this particular pair pretty much has.

Since then, multiple trips to Mexico, Costa Rica, and other Central America destinations haven’t hurt them in the least.

So in spite of my better judgement about the need for comfort over style when it comes to travel wear,  I needed something pronto so snapped them up.

Besides, we all know that we’ll be “losing a few pounds” soon so they’ll fit better, right?

Well, in this case it was actually true.

And now several years later the size of these shorts has not kept up with the size of my hips, thighs and belly.

Again, not complaining.  Just another tally mark for the deep benefits of long term consistency with exercise and dietary plan.  A good omen for February’s Lani’s Love Your Body Boot(y) Camp.

And inspiration to keep the faith.  Consistency and solid principles put into practice over time make all the difference.

P.S. Another anecdote. This also caught me by surprise.  Before boarding the plane out of Curacao (an 8 passenger, funky tropical job, as in photo at top) we were asked our weight.  You know, to help balance the load.  Without hesitation I volunteered mine – and added 3 pounds.  My desire for ultra-safety on the plane overrode vanity on the numbers.  It’s a ridiculous time to be shy about one’s weight anyway, but still, given another date and time in my life….Thing is, I didn’t even notice the ease and shift in conciousness until after the fact as we were boarding the plane.

P.P.S. The flight made it safely.  But then there’s always the return trip

P.P.P.S. Do YOU have a “slimmer size surprise” story of your own to share?  Tell me about it in comments below.

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