Where Are You on the Plant

Where Are You On Your Journey to Radiant Health?

On your plant-based journey to radiant health and your ideal weight, where do you find yourself?

Are you just starting out?

Or have you found your plant-based groove and are eager to share with others the extraordinary benefits of plant-based living?

Perhaps you are finding yourself somewhere in the middle, maybe even stuck along the way?

Five Universal Steps of the Plant-Based Journey

There are five universal steps through which we all progress in the successful shift to plant-based living:

  1. Awakening

  2. Scout

  3. Rookie

  4. Rockstar

  5. Champion.

If you have already downloaded your free preview copy of The Plant-Based Journey, you recognize these five steps. If you haven’t, then follow this link to grab your copy right away.

And of course, as soon as you have the full copy of Journey in your hands, you’ll have intimate working knowledge and insight about how these five steps essentially guide your adventures in plant-based living.

Three Scenarios

In addition to these five steps, which have revealed themselves as transition commonalities over and over again in coaching others on their journey, there is another lens through which to view and enlighten your journey.

When you pull the view finder back a little further from this close view of the five steps, you’ll find that along with these five steps, there are three possible scenarios within the journey in which you may find yourself.

  1. Just getting started:

    You  ready to discover plant-based living and a clear path to restore energy levels, your ideal weight and radiant health

  2. Floundering along the way:

    Things started out fine – yet you’ve hit a brick wall with your health, your weight, or simply making the transition to plant-based nutrition.

  3. Eager to share your success with others:

    You’re excited about the weight control, health, and youthfulness that plant-based living has delivered and are eager to share with others the goods that plant-based living has delivered to you.

Until Official Release

In whichever of these three scenarios you may find yourself, until  The Plant-Based Journey is officially released, I’ve put together a living resource page right here on the plant-based journey blog to help.

On this resource page – perhaps you have already found it on your own while navigating this site – I have created a special section for each of these three scenarios.

This page provides immediate article links, suggested downloads, and free report links to give you information and options to help you move forward – whether getting started, stuck, or eager to help – even if you are currently serving in the capacity of coach.

When you open this resource page – Where Are You on the Journey? – this is what you will see:

Where Are You on the Plant

Easy to navigate

From there, the Where are You on the Journey? page is super-easy to navigate.  Simply click on which of these three you would like more resources regarding, and you will jump right to the section built specifically to meet the need.

Of course browsing any of the three sections will deliver ideas, links, and action items for you.

Perfect for sharing with friends

This means not only do you have a tool for easy reference yourself, but now there is a page specially designed to which you can direct others who may ask questions about resources for one of these three stages.

Please share your thoughts and ideas!

As you know, all of the resources presented here at theplantbasedjourney.com are published  with you in mind.

I would very much enjoy and appreciate your feedback on the Where Are You on the Plant-Based Journey? resource page.

For example, perhaps there is a blog article that you have found particularly helpful to you.  An article that you think would be an excellent choice to add to the “These Blog Articles Are For You” sections.

If so, tell me about it, post your thoughts in replies below – and include the link to the article here that you have in mind.

And if you can’t remember exactly what the article was called, or can’t quite find it, if you tell me what it is about, chances are I can find it for you!  This happens to me all the time – someone will write to me with a question regarding an article they liked but can’t quite find, and I can always find it for them.

Perhaps you have a favorite reference page that you think would be good to add to the Trusted Resources tabs at the bottom of the page.  If so, then please let me know about it!

I hope you like the way the page is put together, and that you find it helpful and easy to navigate!




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