If you’re like me, the waist is where you can sense pudge first. Maybe it’s because it’s so noticeable in the way our clothes fit, or because we can so easily – quite literally – see excess poundage when it lands in our middle.

Most women (once past their teens, anyway) find the waist seems to be a favored storage area for any extra “fluff”.

And when we lose some measure off the waist, universally we feel more fit, confident, lithe, and healthy. Yes?

Where Did That Inch In The Waist Go?

Question for Lani – what’s your input on why so many Gams Glutes Abs and Arms participants had significant inch loss in the waist? Was there a specific movement or Fit Quickie exercise that made that happen?”

This question from Jennifer just came in on the heels of the wrap of our May Boot Camp “Gams Glutes Abs and Arms 4 Summer“.

Yes, Jennifer, there are exact and specific reasons we had such focused results from this class.

Let me list them for you.

Why The Waist, And So Many Showing Inches Lost, In So Short A Time

Here is a partial list of the waist stats to which Jennifer refers. At the finish of the 4 week session, these reports started rolling in.

Now, keep in mind I’m going to focus on waist inch loss as per Jennifer’s question. These women peeled inches off everywhere else, but the waist losses really caught our attention first:

  • Keturah: 1 inch off her waist
  • Carol: 1.5 inches off her waist
  • Jennifer: 1 inch off her waist
  • Val: 1 inch off her waist
  • Phyllis: 1 inch off her waist

For starters.

3 Steps To Cinching Inches In The Waist – This Quickly

Each of the women noted above implemented tools that were key to the May class – and are part of my signature system for energy, resilience and strength, body shaping, and weight loss. As these results ARE typical, and coming in like clockwork for those in my programs, I’d like to show you how simple and straightforward the pathway to these kinds of successes really are.

Let’s look at the 3 headliners that these women implemented:

1) Winning Dietary Guidelines: An incredibly simple, easy-to-follow dietary plan that keeps you satisfied, well fed, and OUT of the hunger zone (critical! White knuckle weight loss does NOT work.) As Fitness Expert at the Health and Medical Center for Dr. McDougall. M.D., I have the inside track to simple and powerful nutrition tips that make THE difference.

2) Targeted Body Shapers: The muscles around the middle are not only often shrouded in excess body fat (which is addressed directly with #1 above), but due to bad posture and inactivity have lost density and shape. The best way to reverse this is to isolate and overload those very muscles. As the body fat stores decrease via the Dietary Guidelines, these muscles start to “show up” and display their “cinching” properties to your best advantage when challenged in specific, targeted fashion.

In the May class, we implemented the following Fit Quickies™ Fit Quickies, all of which – either directly or indirectly – target the middle:

  • Fit Quickie #1: 7 Seconds to a Flat Belly
  • Fit Quickie #5: Topless Muffins
  • Fit Quickie #7: Kickstand Curls,
  • Fit Quickie # 4 Gorgeous Glutes and Hamstrings, and #6 (Thigh Warriors) and #8 (Hot Seat!) which work the largest muscles of the body, and also have an Interval Training effect, increasing calories burned during as well as after exercise to dip into body fat stores.

    Snapshot from Fit Quickie #7: Kickstand Curls

3) Active Every Day: Though workouts were solidly in place, this does not mean “work out” every day. It means move your body. Just being a good animal. Include challenges to the large muscle groups of the body to build shape and metabolic rate. It’s really quite simple.

4) Community and Support: The simple act of signing on for a focused study, whether as part of an ongoing community or a group with a time-telescoped shared goal, such as a month long course, steps you up to the plate of success.

By demonstrating to yourself that you value your fitness, health, and goals about all of it, you leap far further into the health, well-being and energy circle.

It’s a way of supporting yourself, let alone getting the support of others on the same venture along with a mentor and coach. The power of this synergy has proven itself time and time again.

As a matter of fact, it is very common when women simply sign up for a class or membership, things start moving rapidly for them because it is a sign of their commitment.

Out of the wishy-wash into the spin cycle.

Off the fence and into the sandbox. Which is exactly why I’ve got something new cooking just for you….

New! Mid Summer Booty Camp!

To help you keeping moving your fitness forward through the summer months, I’m throwing a mini mid-summer Booty Camp but you’ve got to let me know if you would like to find out more.

Simply put your name and email in the box below and you’ll be first informed.

Are you seriously looking for a way to finally shake the extra pounds and inches that sap your energy, undermine your confidence and self-esteem, and tarnish your self-image? Abandon the fitness chaos that keeps sabotaging your success, and implement a proven step-by-step strategy to energize, lose weight, shape your body, and explode your vitality. Click HERE now to get started.

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