It seems that this phrase has been on my tongue, in my voice, and in my ears – in one shape or form –  a lot over the past month.

I underscored the idea with the article “It’s The Calories, Honey!”

It seems to be one of the biggest hurdles for many women.  The search for the magic exercise regime that will eliminate the need to make any changes in diet to achieve their weight loss, fat loss, or fitness goals.

Now, don’t get me wrong – you will make a big difference in your body composition and shape with exercise.

But it’s darn hard to “burn off” calories to get the weight off.  Heck, you have to walk for 10 minutes to “wear off”  (unofficial language for consume the caloric load of) an apple!

And believe me, I used to try.  Somehow those five-mile runs could never quite offset the bowl of cookie dough 🙄

Don’t get me started.

So, when a short video was produced this week, I knew I had to share it with you – because it is right on the “out train a bad diet” topic – and sends the message in a charming and humorous format.

My friends Brad Pilon (Eat Stop Eat) and Craig Ballantyne (Turbulence Training) got wild, woolly and carried away with this fun bit.

Watch while during this 2 minute segment, Brad consumes 1,000 calories of pizza and root beer while Craig, running at an 11-mile-per-hour pace, “runs off” under 50 calories!

Now, of course we know it takes less time to eat than exercise – but this little snippet makes a graphic comparison that drives the point home.

I’ll let the video speak for itself!

P.S. A little background on  Craig’s comment “what a joke cardio is…!” We all know that cardiovascular training can benefit the circulatory system and has multiple other benefits, but that’s not the point here.  The frame of reference, as you’ll see within the video, is the futility of trying to “outrun” your caloric load with “cardio”!

For moew on cardio, see Confused about cardio? My conversation with Dr. Kenneth Cooper.

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