Smoothie:  The movie!  Plus, all hail kale chips;  2 ways to make greens more kid-friendly. (Be sure this article is opened in its own page for the video to appear).

Smoothies and green drinks are not necessarily the best choice every day for those of us who are all growed up.  More on that later.

Yet when it comes to convincing reluctant little ones that greens are their new best friend, a trick or two to create a fun and festive food interchange can have it’s place.  Plus, I fell in love with this movie and had to find some excuse to get it into your hands.

As for the kale chips, I knew you’d want a recipe so I experimented in my kitchen and here’s what I came up with:

Here's how my kale chips came out - so perty!

Kale Chips 

1 big rinsed bunch of kale

1 – Tblsp balsamic vinegar

pinch of smokey paprika powder (optional)

pinch of curry vindaloo powder (optional)

1)  Pull or cut the rib from the kale leaves

2)  Tear or chop the leaves into big chunks

3)  Toss kale with vingar and spices

4)  Spread on a baking sheet and bake at 300 degrees – or longer -until crispy


Kale chips need to be eaten fairly soon after baking, otherwise they quickly gather the moisture from the air, becoming chewy and somehow bitter.  And it’s the crunch that makes them fun!

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