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Donna is having a great year. She has cracked her personal fat loss code and was finally able to drop more much-desired size.

She is realizing successful changes in multiple ways. Her body is getting stronger and trimmer, her dietary practices that support her weight loss goals have become easier than ever, and she has found a workout rhythm that is delivering big time in body shaping but isn’t eating up her schedule.

In short, Donna is living more and more each day the fitness freedom dream.

How did she do it?

What made it possible for Donna to ramp up her weight loss success?  How did finally she crack the fat loss code that resulted in a drop in size for her?

What made the difference? Why after years of struggle is this flow so wonderfully well-constructed and easier than ever before?

I  asked Donna to target the details of her size loss success so that I could share them with you.

First, A Little History

Donna, a friend and client, came to me with some definite challenges and a specific agenda:

1) she wanted to drop some size
2) she wanted to get her eating under control AND have a happy, healthy relationship with food and eating
3) she wanted to be free of feeling compelled to have to work out so much, and
4) and she wanted it to all be a whole lot easier than it what she’d been experiencing

In short, she wanted to crack the fat loss code of her own body and have the process of weight loss and weight control be simpler, easier, and more certain than ever before.  After already having achievied some degree of success, she was ready to take her fitness and weight to a new level.

I knew full well this was entirely possible; but it depended on Donna being willing to clarify her dream and take ACTION necessary to make her fitness and weight loss goals happen! the

I admire Donna tremendously. She inspires me with her gumption, her wisdom from things past, and her just plain never-say-die attitude.

The first thing that Donna and I worked on together was her workout schedule. After some private trainings and a detailed comparison of her workout history with mine, Donna was able to take the leap to less workouts without the fear of back peddling on her weight loss and body shaping progress.   This was a huge first step toward trusting the process that I knew would bring Donna even deeper fulfillment of her fitness dream.

Then It Was Time To Really Get Down To Business

There are a lot more chapters to this beautifully unfolding story, but I’m going to zip you ahead to the most recent chapter.

Donna signed on with the Woman’s Fitness BluePrint to continue this process. She had experienced change and success that was moving her in the right direction, and she wanted more.  I have been honored and thrilled to be able to work with Donna again in the Winter/Spring Woman’s Fitness BluePrint Group Coaching program.

Each session moves her more clearly and confidently forward, building upon her success.

Over the 10 weeks of the course, Donna experienced significant, progressive change:

1)  her food and eating plan became solid and easier to implement as she became clear on not only how she should structure her dietary plan, but that (in her own words) “you can’t out train a bad diet“.   As a matter of fact it was her words that gave me the title for the article of the same name.  Her work on perspective, attitude, and self-image caused a shift in paradigm that allowed her to continue to become trimmer during a time of incredible work overload and stress on the job.

2)  during this same time, she was able to continue her minimized workout schedule that continued to deliver

3 Specific Things Donna Implemented To Drop Some Size

To put it as simply and directly as possible, here are 3 things Donna did:

1)  she makes sure to plan and be prepared with the food that she knows she needs each day to support her goals.  This means taking time at the beginning – and end – of each day to prepare, pack, purchase, or otherwise prepare what she knows she enjoys AND moves her forward in her weight loss goals.  This also means loading up on nutritious whole foods, lots of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

2)  she has curbed cravings for sweets successfully by making sure that she has enough fruit in her diet.  This means a couple of juicy oranges with walnuts and a crispy, fresh apple have been added to her diet just about every day.  Gone are the urges to nosh on cookies that used to plague her.

3)  she works out hard, but for shorter periods of time.  She uses a successful rotation of Supersets, Kettlebelles, Yoga, and walking.  And that’s a lot of variety BUT not a whole lot of time.  Trust me, she doesn’t have the time!

Donna has proven once again that fitness, fat loss, and a successful fitness lifestyle can continue to improve over time and with specific ACTION taken to make ongoing change.

First, she took seriously the components outlined in my presentation “5 Big Mistakes Women Make When Trying To Become Fit…And What To Do About It!”

She built upon success with action, applied specific strategies, and enlisted support for same. She was determined to crack the fat loss code that would allow her to drop more size and with focus, consistency, and honest diligence has done it.

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