Solid, simple tactics with real food and movement of your body – and your mind – to put you in the health & weight winner’s circle come January.  Part 8 of 10: “Exercise with vigor every day.”

Exercise. With vigor.  Every day.

Now hang on.  Did I say “go work out hard for an hour?”

thigh work at the bar

Standing barre workouts such as Fit Quickie #6, Thigh Warriors, are a great way to sneak in a quick vigorous workout

No, you just thought I said that.

I said with vigor.  Gusto.

And the sweet thing about vigor is that vigor is inversely related to time spent.  Higher intensity = less time.  Remember, you can get in a good chunk of the benefits of a 45 minute cardio session in a quick 15 minute Burst Training Session.  And if you don’t know how to do that, remember I’ve created an entire free guide for you so you can get started now:  Free Fitness Breakthrough Kit.

Exercise with vigor gets your brain-to-body connection synced up

When you really get into your body, and you really challenge your body, get your heart pounding hard and get your breath going and really make those muscles work, you set into motion a pathway that leads to 4 big effects.

4 reasons to work out with vigor

  1. you create a sense of groundedness in your body
  2. you create a spirit of vitality throughout your system
  3. you release and reduce stress by metabolizing those stress hormones that are keeping you locked up in ‘Friday’  neck’ (you know, where you start wearing your shoulders as earings) and other nasty effects
  4. you generate increased confidence for making better choices through the rest of the day

Again, with vigor – it doesn’t have to be long.  You can do this in 15 minutes.  You can do it with Burst Training, with weight training, with Fit Quickies.  There are a variety of ways.  But make it vigorous, make it intense, and make it something that gets you in your body, strong and confident.  And to get all the details about Fit Quickie #6, Thigh Warriors,go to Fit Quickies 5 minute workouts.

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