This was shocking to me – we’re only one week into Body Transformation Booty Camp, after all –  but I am delighted!

And I’m sore (a “good” sore) in places that I have been really working hard – and it really feels great. I love the Fit Quickies.

I loved your Teleclass last night – “How to turn off your fat genes” –  and am learning so much that validates my own personal experience.  I used to binge on sugar and fat – many years ago, I stopped eating sugars and that was a tremendous help in moving forward to a healthy weight and lifestyle.  This last week of Booty Camp has been really instrumental in helping me to slow down, not overeat, and it’s paying off.

Overall, I am so proud of myself for sticking to the food plan and for mostly sticking to the exercise schedule.  I usually make excuses for myself to not exercise, yet  Booty Camp has helped me become determined not to slack off.

It’s been most helpful to really get that I can have control over my thoughts, that I’m not a slave to them, and that I can choose differently,  even if I don’t “FEEL” like it!

Thanks, Lani, for introducing me to new methods for exercise and a new way of thinking.  And of eating.
~ Kathy Ambrosio, Wayside, NJ

Lani’s comments:

It never fails.  Women sign on and commit themselves to the Body Transformation Booty Camp experience, and assemble the simple tools:

  • a plant-based diet
  • a simple, effective workout rotation of compound exercises, targeted body-shapers, and cardio/ Burst Training (see Free Fitness Breakthrough Kit in sidebar), and
  • a commitment to presence and accountability in the Booty Camp Locker Room, staying connected with their Teammates and Coach to cultivate the mindset and psychology of a winner

And lo and behold – because the started working it, one foot in front of the other – it starts working.  5 lbs the first week is unusual, yet not uncommon.  And it’s all without hunger or overexercise.

Congratulations to you Kathy, and I can’t wait to see what you bring yourself over the next two weeks of Booty Camp!

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