Lani, I’m not really surprised but have to say that your organization and thoughtfulness with McBooty Camp are unparalled. Everything is so organized!

I feel fabulous!

I was just thrilled this morning when looking in the mirror.

Even with a far from perfect participation level, I have:

  • In these 2 weeks of McBooty Camp, lost 7 – 8 lbs.
  • Significant firming and toning through the torso and lower lats, obliques and lower abs due largely to Fit Quickie #1, which surpasses my previous favorite abs exercise! We’re talking highly visible toning and tightening
  • A renewed commitment to working out and some new ideas on how to introduce variety. I feel like I look good which is 95% of the battle to looking good!
  • It is like all of a sudden, people are noticing me. I keep getting compliments in a way that I’ve never experienced.

I count that is pretty darn good given the many distractions I’ve had over the two weeks.

I’ve learned that just minor changes in nutrition can lead to big results

Even though I haven’t been able to participate fully, I am soooo very glad I at least started and did what I could. I would be at the same place I was almost 2 weeks ago if I hadn’t just jumped in with both feet.

PLUS I was thrilled when I stepped on the scale today and did not gain anything back during the girls trip last weekend! Actually, I think I’ve lost a little more but it just isn’t showing up on the scale yet.

Kudos to Lani for orchestrating such a great program!

~ Sherry R., Houston, TX


If transformation can truly take place in 2 weeks, the women in the July Better Bodies for Busy Women Break Free McBooty Camp have proven it. Once again.

Here’s what makes the difference. The power of:

  • the focus
  • the team pull
  • intensive, laser coaching
  • intention to dive into massive overhaul using the most powerful success tools in a telescoped time period
  • the accountability
  • the targeted body shaping
  • the regular activity
  • the simple, clear, no-hunger dietary guidelines

What an honor to work with this amazing group of women. We rolled up our sleeves and got some serious work done, making huge strides in embedding new tactics, strategies, and attitude.

Results are still coming in, but I don’t want to wait a minute longer in sharing some of them with you, my valued reader.

I’ll let them tell more of their own stories.

My closure to the McBooty camp: today I weighed in and am down 6.4 pounds by my math in 2 weeks!

I am now 1.4 pounds from being the lowest weight I have managed to achieve in 8 years. (I did lose down to my goal weight 1993, shortly after my son was born, using Jenny Craig – and I stayed at that weight for about 5 minutes, was hungry all the time and sick of the prepackaged food.)

I feel very enthused and confident that using the principles I have learned and continue to learn from Lani and my fellow MCBooty Camp and FitDream Fusion peeps that I will reach my goal of 145 lbs, size 8. My size 14 jeans are getting loose! Yay! After comparing my measurements that were taken at the beginning , I have lost a total of 3 inches in 2 weeks.

Lani, thank you so very much for the nutrition DVD. My husband was watching it yesterday and is just all over it, much to my surprise! My son will be here tomorrow and we are going to watch it together as a family. I am looking forward to continuing on with FitDream Fusion.

Sharon Mack, Paralegal,, Rocky River, OH

Lani, thanks for a great class. It really expanded my ability to do harder & more intense exercise. I now have increased confidence for reaching goals and being active. I also lost 1.8 lbs.

I loved the daily audio. It was this quiet little whisper in my ear of things to focus on. I liked both calls and found them very helpful. Obviously I was all over the forums! Your responses to all of my posts was unexpected and I felt very loved and cared for.

I liked the resources made available – and that you responded to my thoughts about goals by providing more info. That was really helpful.

Looking forward to seeing you in the FitDream Fusion forums!

Janice Nelson, Redwood City, CA

Even though McBooty Camp came at a very busy time for me, I not only kept on track with exercise, but I lost some weight.

As a matter of fact, this now brings me to 22 lbs lost since jumping into FitDream Fusion and applying the tools.

A pair of jeans are literally falling off ME – REALLY – I FINALLY understand how someone CAN have their jeans fall off their butt!

The daily audios certainly spoke to me. I found myself listening and taking notes for future reference – and so much was so relevant to what I’m going through or doing right now!

The energy level was wonderful to be a part of.

The Teleclasses were AWESOME.

Thanks Lani!~ Paym Bergson, Entrepeneur, Paym Bergson Enterprise Trainer/Writer, Toronto

I am proud I did the two week McBooty Camp even though it was such a busy time! It was a short enough program to commit to, and I got great support and results. I feel more motivated and determined to continue eating this way and keeping up with exercise.

More results:

  • I lost 3.5 lbs,
  • I have increased energy and better sleep.
  • I feel thinner: I tried on clothes that fit looser in the stomach, waist and thighs.
  • I have better control of my eating through your guidelines
  • I think the Fit Quickies, which were new for me, are very effective in a short time.

Overall I feel more in control of my eating and I think the dietary plan is a great program to jump start. It made me very mindful of eating healthy without oils, cheese, and dairy products.

I feel better about myself and more empowered to move forward and I hope I continue to see progress.

I was very impressed by the details of the program and support. The daily messages were great! The tele class kick start was very helpful to increase motivation and help me get organized. The Q and A was very helpful at addressing individual concerns.

I think McBooty Camp is a great program, because it is short, very well organized, motivating and supportive and Lani is awesome in giving individualized feedback in a very professional, timely and warm manner. The support of the group is great, too. For someone who is feeling stuck, this is a great jump start program, with actual results in a short amount of time. Thanks Lani.

~ Maxine Becker, Cupertino, CA

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